Day 53 – Thankful for Fall Comfort Food

Yoga felt great this morning and I’m glad that we did the 75 minute session for my first time in a couple of months ūüėČ  

We cleaned the garage for winter and got everything away which was a great sense of accomplishment.

Less than 40 minutes before Fantastic Beasts was playing we spontaneously decided to take the boys to the matinee.

Spending our first full Saturday at home with no agenda was awesome!

All that said, there’s just something about delicious stick to your bones food on the first truly cold day of the year that just feels so right!  Becky fired up a recipe that I’ve loved since childhood…  Mexican Hero Sandwiches!

Delicious strips of bacon under Colby and Monterey Jack cheese, all atop a fantastic mix of ground turkey, onion, and chili peppers…  ahh…  cold weather lunch perfection!

Thanks for soothing the savage beast that is my appetite Becky!


Day 52 – Thankful for a Great Morning Run in Unusually Warm Weather

Since our run this morning the temperature has dropped about 20 degrees and the wind has increased by almost 20 mph.  How crazy is that?  Hello Mr Cold Front!

The way this morning started off was pretty awesome.  Our normal early morning run and it was 58 degrees!  That’s like PERFECT running weather, not too hot, not too cold.  The moon was still bright so I was able to shut off my headlamp most of the way.  

As the run started it just felt right.  I played an excellent tune by Avicii and felt everything click right away.  My legs were loose and feeling great and I hit my rhythm quickly.  We shot the bull for a while and then fired up another song.  Back to quiet and talking and then back to another song.  It felt wonderful!  Nice dose of Gaslight Anthem to bring it home and 4 miles were in the bag.  So peaceful, relaxing, and serene in a state of flow.

It was one of those “that’s why I run” runs.  The ones that just feel right and that I hope to feel every single time I lace up the shoes.  Of course that’s not realistic and the painful and torurous runs remind me of how much to appreciate the fantastic ones like today.

As an interesting side note, this pic was in my Facebook feed from 5 years ago…

It cracks me up to think that it was below freezing then and this morning it was almost balmy…  I am very thankful for the great weather!


Day 51 – Thankful for Planning the Year of Cub Scouts in Advance

Day 51 – Thankful for Planning the Year of Cub Scouts in Advance

Another Bear Scout meeting and more fun is in the books.  Tonight we covered knife safety and helped the boys earn their Whittling Chip and only one of us lost a corner before the night was over (it was me…).

Nothing like carving up bars of Ivory soap with plastics butter knives!  Almost all of the adults and the lone big brother also got in the spirit and were carving too.  I’m glad all the boys had fun!

A few months ago Becky drove back from a soccer game so I could put together the scout plan for the year.  In most cases I would have looked at the craziness of the past few weeks and said “forget it, let’s put it off for a few weeks until life slows down.”  Because I already had it planned it was surprisingly easy to pull off.  I’ll have to remember this for future years of scouting.  I’m also keeping it in the back of my head as we get ready for 2017 at work.  Suprising how a little extra planning can make a big difference!


Day 50 – Thankful for The Last Lecture

During our planning session today Norm busted out a video that we’ve watched before. ¬†As normal there was hardly a dry eye in the room by the time it was over. ¬†This is one powerful presentation made by a man with only months to live. ¬†With his own mortality looming behind him there is tremendous insight he offers us.

In the chaos of our daily lives this is well worth the 10 minutes. ¬†Trust me, you’ll be happy you invested the time in it.


Day 49 – Thankful for Escape Rooms

This one might sound a little strange, but I just love escape rooms!  Talk about an activity that covers pretty much all of my favorite things.  I get to take things apart, solve puzzles, find clues, make sense of chaos, and get a great feeling of accomplishment.  Throw in that it is in a small enough period of time to hold my attention (1 hour), and I don’t have to clean it up when I’m done, and it is one of my favorite activities.

As a part of our planning retreat we did them as teams this evening.  Just like past experiences I enjoyed the entire thing and was smiling pretty much non-stop.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about please let me know and I’d be happy to go to one with you so you can experience it too.  ūüėČ


Day 48 – Thankful for the Moon

Day 48 – Thankful for the Moon

This morning was filled with moon awesomeness!

It started with a run on a quiet country road with Becky. ¬†The moon was so bright and beautiful that we were able to run the majority of the way without our headlamps on! ¬† There’s something so serene about running in the moonlight and watching your moon shadow run alongside of you on the sand.

The boys were pretty pumped about seeing the super close Super Moon so we woke them up and got them moving quickly.  Somehow they were able to both be ready in under 26 minutes when we normally struggle to get them ready in just over an hour.  Seeing as they were so pumped I took them out to Nelson Park to watch the moonset.  They had so much fun watching the moon slowly set in the bluffs.  We just sat on the deck at the park and watched it slowly sink into the bluffs, turning more orange and getting larger as it dropped.


I have a whole lot of day to go and I’m excited to see how great it will be. ¬†How can it be anything short of awesome when it starts with something so incredible before 7am?


Day 47 – Thankful for Spending Time at My Mom & StepBrad’s

With the Glahn wedding this weekend we figured it would be a great time to head up to my mom’s for the weekend. ¬†It worked out pretty slick, Mom and StepBrad took care of the boys during the wedding ceremony, we all hung out again, they watched the boys during the reception and then we hung out again.


We had a lot of fun shooting the bull and catching up while playing games and playing with¬†their new dog, Ruger. ¬†After a while we had a drink or two, watched a movie and a half (I may have fallen asleep part way through one) and just relaxed. ¬†In the morning we loaded everyone up, went to my mom’s church and the boys helped her hold the doors and hand out programs. ¬†From there we went back to her house for lunch, watched the Packers get beat up and then headed back home.

While I don’t know that there was any one thing that was incredibly out of the ordinary that I would typically remember, that was part of what was so great about the time together. ¬†It was just like normal and it felt great! ¬†Nothing crazy, just the same old type of hanging out that we normally do together, and it was awesome! ¬†Just what the doctor ordered in the middle of a crazy month.

Without this blog I would have left feeling very relaxed and moved on.  With this blog I remember to take a step back and appreciate awesomely normal moments that may have been taken for granted in the past.  Thanks Mom & StepBrad for a great time!


Day 46 – Thankful for Almost Back to Normal

After flying in late last night we were off and running right away this morning.  A friend was getting married up in the Cities so we packed up the boys and headed up to my mom’s.

The wedding and reception were a lot of fun!  In between and now afterwards we get to hang out with my mom and StepBrad.  It should be a pretty fun and relaxing night.

It was a great step in getting almost back to normal.  The last couple of weeks have included a vacation, a very busy weekend including a wedding, one incredibly jam packed day in the office, a great rest of the week in training that kept my brain full and running full steam the entire time, to now being back with the family, on the road, at another wedding, and chilling with family.  It’s crazy busy but it feels great.

While most of the time Becky and I have spent together over the past 24 hours has been in the car it has been wonderful having time with just the two of us to talk and get caught up.  With the boys along at different times it’s started feeling like I’m about to get back in my normal groove, things are almost back to normal and I’m thankful for that.

Now to emphasize that point by having a normal night at Mom’s with Southern Comfort Old Fashioneds ūüôā


Day 45 – Thankful for Transforming the DREADmill Into the DREAMmill

I may have mentioned this before, but when I think of running on a treadmill I change its name.  It is not a treadmill…  it is a DREADmill.  It is boring.  It is a long slow road to nowhere, literally.  I run miles and am still in the same place.  Sometimes I’ll trick myself out by watching a movie, but when I do that I lose a part of the run that makes me want to run.  When I need to tread it, I dread it.

This morning I woke up early in my hotel in OKC and decided to run inside.  I didn’t know the area very well and didn’t feel like exploring so I went into a workout room just a little bit larger than a closet.  There were two dreadmills in the room.  I chose one and as I stepped on another franchisee stepped on the other.  As I turned on the TV to numb the boring-ness I quickly realized that the TV monitor on it didn’t work.  ARGH!!!  At that point I really started to dread it.

After running a couple of miles a Bruce Springsteen song came on that reminded me of running with Becky (Loving You Is A Man’s Job ūüėā).  I smiled and as I stared at the wall I thought of the times I’ve either played it or joked with her about that song as we went on a run together.  

Suddenly another song jumped into my head, More Than Life by Whitley.  I quickly loaded it up and next thing I knew I wasn’t on the dreadmill anymore.  I was somewhere else.

As the lyrics sang about “the sun on her face and the touch of lover’s hands” I was running with Becky on Route 19 just north of Hilo, Hawaii.  We were on a nice morning run in the sun, looking over the coast and then into the valley at the waterfall.  We were joking around in the cool sea breeze as we ran, the smell of the ocean in my nose.  It was awesome, it was perfect.  

Next thing I knew the last couple of miles were done.  One moment I was on the dreadmill, the next it was a dreammill.  It was amazing to think that I could have that great of an experience.  I need to remember which one to choose as I run inside this winter.


Day 44 – Thankful for Finding a Way to Do Something I Love to Help Others

Just a warning, I have promised under penalty of death and awful things that I wouldn’t share specifics of what I am talking about today. ¬†The nice thing is that I can also use Matthew 6:2-4 to help back me up as to why I can’t get into details. ¬†The details don’t matter, what I am thankful for today is finding unique ways to do something I love to do to help others. ¬†I was a part of a small project today that was AWESOME and has gotten my brain thinking big time! ¬†I know, that’s all Kreiling needs is another idea, right?


What got my mind going was¬†the simplicity of the idea we did today. ¬†Take something that I love doing and am usually doing just for fun and without a serious purpose, and turn it into something that can have a large impact on someone else’s life. ¬†Why not try to find the “AND” of happiness AND purpose? ¬†Sometimes the answers on how to make the world a better place are right out in front of us, so simple, so enjoyable, and can help others. ¬† Today taught me an important lesson in keeping an eye out for ways to turn hobbies and enjoyable activities into ways of giving and helping.