Another Bear Scout meeting and more fun is in the books.  Tonight we covered knife safety and helped the boys earn their Whittling Chip and only one of us lost a corner before the night was over (it was me…).

Nothing like carving up bars of Ivory soap with plastics butter knives!  Almost all of the adults and the lone big brother also got in the spirit and were carving too.  I’m glad all the boys had fun!

A few months ago Becky drove back from a soccer game so I could put together the scout plan for the year.  In most cases I would have looked at the craziness of the past few weeks and said “forget it, let’s put it off for a few weeks until life slows down.”  Because I already had it planned it was surprisingly easy to pull off.  I’ll have to remember this for future years of scouting.  I’m also keeping it in the back of my head as we get ready for 2017 at work.  Suprising how a little extra planning can make a big difference!



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