Thankful for an Insightful Read, a Strong Culture, & Lasagna

Day 2,195


Patrick Lencioni does an outstanding job of putting leadership and self-development concepts into easy to understand “business fables.” Rather than just sharing the idea he puts it into a story to help really flesh out the bones. I’ve almost finished his latest book The 6 Types of Working Genius and have learned much. Highly recommended!!!


We had a team interview for a new potential teammate today that went exceedingly well. What really stuck out to me was how much of the time our culture was brought up by my teammates as a selling point as well as by the candidate who’d shadowed our office and already had a couple of other offers on the table. Designing and building the culture we’ve wanted has taken much time and effort, it was nice to see it paying off in this fashion today.


This morning I caught myself lost in the present moment in a way I wasn’t quite expecting. For breakfast I enjoyed the last pieces of my birthday lasagna. Yes, that is correct, I had lasagna for breakfast. Over the past couple of days I found presence in observing something beautiful with my eyes. Today I encountered presence in the sense of taste. So delicious, so grounding in that moment.


Thankful for Minding the GAP

Day 2,194


Today I finished an insightful book a friend recommended – The Power of Now. What struck me most was how many different books I’ve read point out the importance of presence. I’ve read many, but I’ve never tired of them or been bored. Each has shed light on a slightly different angle of the concept. Long story short, inner peace can be found in the stillness of our souls in the present moment.


There are so many levels of relationships. I feel so blessed to have touched upon so many different levels today! Partial acquaintances, new friends, life long friends and so on… so many positive interactions with people I know, respect, and love. I feel so much appreciation for all of them today.


I feel as if it is almost cheating as I drive to work each morning and try to find one beautiful moment of presence. My drive is so mind blowingly epic, especially on days like this when I’m driving in and out of clouds in between the bluffs while watching the sun rise reflecting pink, orange, and purple hues on the specters of fog rising from the Mississippi River.


Thankful for Trying Something New – Minding the GAP (Growth, Appreciation, Presence)

Day 2,193


One of the biggest take-ways today was the reminder of finding the balance between extreme discipline and creativity. When someone is given space to be creative at the right times they are successful. When someone is given the directive to adhere to a very specific and focused set of directives at the right times they are successful. The key is in knowing which is right at which time.


I am thankful for people who are willing to help out fellow local community members. The support of those within our community can make such a huge difference, and I’m grateful for the reminder to do the same for others.


As I drove to work this morning the sun was still making a climb from below the horizon and leaving the sky in a beautiful palette of purples and pink. On the backwaters of the river was a little bit of fog covering some of the still water. It was amazing!


Thankful for a List of Gratitude from a Wildly Busy Day

Day 2,192

LOL – what a day it has been! So many different directions, gratitudes, purposeful moments, and learning opportunities!

Maybe I’ll sum it up in a few specific points…

  • Possibly the best answers to the question “what do you think I should do” seems to be “what’s most important to you?” and “what’s your purpose?”
  • When living into or toward purpose joy can be felt deep in your soul in a profound way
  • Remembering to allow space to grow, learn, and experiment is just as important as extreme discipline
  • Community seems to always have the power to impress and humble
  • Keeping a cool head is almost always the right answer
  • Sleep makes life better


Thankful for Remembering Joy & Comfort are Often Opposites

Day 2,191

Two of my team’s core values are Do Right and Grit. Sometimes the right thing to do is also incredibly difficult, and that’s where Grit comes in. Put those two together and one won’t necessarily find comfort, put instead will find living into a sense of purpose, or deep seated joy.

One of my favorite lessons comes from our past priest, Father Mark.

“‘Joy’ isn’t the same as happiness and it is often the opposite of comfort.“

Father Mark Pierce

Today was definitely not comfortable, but there is a deep well of joy in my soul tonight.


Thankful for Repeated Slaps to the Forehead 😉

Day 2,189

So thankful for the opportunity to go back and reread insightful books! Each time I go back to some of my favorites there are repeated slaps to the forehead as I remember wisdom I told myself to remember the last time even though they didn’t quite stick as intended.

Case in point, I started rereading The Dichotomy of Leadership today. In just the first few chapters I was quickly reminded of some excellent lessons to remember moving forward.

I guess I’m a slow learner sometimes, but at least I welcome the slaps to the forehead as I re-learn.


Thankful for Habitat Day

Day 2,188

For the second straight year my Winona team had a Habitat for Humanity Day. We spend half of our work day volunteering to help with a construction project. This year we helped with siding, putting in windows, and doing a little bit of Sheetrock.

It’s always great to have an opportunity to give back, but knowing this is helping one of our favorite past associates made it all the more magical.

One of the parts I love about it is sharing something I love (home improvement/ construction) with teammates who haven’t done as much of it in the past. Today I got to experience the joy of seeing the smile of a teammate as they used a chop saw for the first time. The look on their face was priceless!

Spending time with my teammates, giving back, and doing something I love all rolled into one… doesn’t get much better than that!


Thankful for the Dichotomy Between New Trends and Old Wisdom

Day 2,187

There’s such a beautiful dichotomy between new trends and old wisdom.

Life constantly changes, evolves, and throws out new products, systems, and ideas. If you look at the world through one lens almost everything is new. It can get tiring to try to remember which social medias we’re supposed ot keep up with, what technology we’re supposed to have in our pocket, and all that.

On the reverse of that, many of the new things aren’t really new when looking through a different lens. Most ideas are an improvment upon old foundations which have long since been established. At the end fo the day face to face conversation with beat the effectiveness and intimacy of phone calls, emails, texts, and Zooms. Many of our challenges are the same we’ve faced before, but only in new clothing.

Over the past week I’ve had several reminders of just how much has changed while almost nothing truly has. It’s been wild! When I remember to pause and think about something new I can also remember a similar thing from a different time and then use that past experience to help solve the new. Funny how history repeats itself.

It’s easy to be dazzled by the brilliance of new, but it’s also simple to remember to learn from the old scars too.


Thankful for Taking a Rest Day

Day 2,186

LOL – I do say “Rest Day” with a slight wink. Still out the door for our morning run before 5am. Still a wildly busy 9ish hour work day. Bookended by busy work days and soccer nights it almost feels like a vacation!

For reals, I realized I needed to chill after our run so I put on a sweatshirt, laid on my back, set an alarm for 30 minutes, put on my sleep mask, and proceeded to go brain dead. It was gloriously relaxing.

Now I’m getting ready to be in bed within a half an hour and then off to sleep before 8:30. Eight plus hours of Z’s await me tonight.

Today feels like a rest day, one much needed and even more appreciated.