Thankful for Awesome Acts of Kindness – Sharing the Most Precious Gift of All – Time

Day 2,184

I’m really struggling with how to write todays blog. Someone went so far above and beyond to help me out today that I’m almost at a loss for words. I’m having trouble thinking of the right way to share just how positive of an impact they made today and do not want to short change them or do a disservice to their help by putting together a half baked blog. I want to do right by them – lord knows they did incredibly right by me.

Let’s leave it at this for the night and I’ll pick it up again later in the week…. Someone gave me the most precious gift one can give, their time. She reached out without being asked, walked me through the next steps, warned me of obstacles, and cheered me on the entire way. All without ever asking anything in return. Amazing! Her legacy is so much more deeply entrenched in my soul and I’m beyond appreciative for her gift today. Priceless, truly. The advice, the help, and the inspiration to do the same for others. She created such an awesome ripple today, one which will impact many.


Thankful for Simple Entertainment in Nature

Day 2,183

On our pontoon today we saw something new. There were what appeared to be silvery little minnows everywhere! They were swimming in large masses and causing the water to ripple due to the volume of the schools swimming by. Becky and I ended sitting on the back of the boat for a good 30+ minutes watching them twist and and turn as the seemingly never ending stream of them twisted through the water.

As if that wasn’t enough wildlife entertainment we were treated to a great blue heron in a tree, a handful of bald eagles watching us from a above, a kingfisher skimming the surface of the water, and even a green heron doing its best to blend into the background.

Life gets ridiculously busy. Spending time relaxing and enjoying the entertainment nature puts on is music for the soul.


Thankful for an Awesome Family Photo

Day 2,181

Here’s the family phot that has me smiling today…

This was from the homecoming celebration at Logan High School at halftime of the football game. Dominic was in for being on the Homecoming Court and Becky and I walked up with him.

What about Gavin? He’s the fourth trumpet player from the left in the front row 😂

Kudos to our friend Anthony for getting a family pic that will have me smiling for years to come.


Thankful for My Favorite Soccer Match of the Year

Day 2,180

Another late night after an incredible soccer game!

Totally exhausted but I’m still very thankful for my favorite soccer game of the year. Our awesome friends, the Lyons, are on the Central team – two players, the coach, and the team manager (maybe not in title, but very much earned). We settled for a 1-1 outcome, the JV team won and the varsity team lost, a victory for each side 😁👍.

As has been tradition for the past three years we also got pics of the boys together. Always great watching them compete with and then smile with each other.


Thankful for a Leadership Book Disguised as a Science Fiction

Day 2,179

The book I’ve picked up as next on my list is another fiction. Three in a row, haven’t done that in a long time! What’s interesting is that I’m finding this to truly be a leadership book in sci-fi clothing.

When is the last time you’ve read Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card? I read it last year and there was a line that stuck with me as one of the most profound leadership insights I have had in a very long time. As I read it now my brain is so overwhelmed with the leadership lessons hidden in it that I’m finding myself pausing the story to digest the insights. My next step will be to go through it and take notes and write in more detail about the lessons.

What I’m really enjoying about it is the way I’m able to get some great training and ideas in while being pulled into the story for the fourth time. Pretty sweet combo!


Thankful for Another Sign of Wisdom (aka I’m Getting Older)

Day 2,177

It is currently 8:45 and it’s halftime of Gavin’s soccer game in Arcadia. Thinking I should be out of here by 9:35pm. Tomorrow I’m working in Eau Claire.

In the past I’d drive home to get a night of sleep in my own bed. I’d drive 45 minutes home, lay in bed and try to sleep by 10:15, and then be back up early to drive to Eau Claire by 5:30am. I’d be exhausted all day and then do it over again tomorrow night.

I’m obviously getting wiser (aka older). Instead of doing all that I’m driving 45 minutes to Eau Claire, staying overnight in a hotel, and getting a good night of sleep. Ahh…

Here’s to finally learning, slowly but surely.


Thankful for a Incredibly Accurate Term – Blursday

Day 2,176

At yoga a while back our yoga instructor, Nick, mentioned how ridiculously busy his week had been. He couldn’t remember what day it was due to all the activity of his life and realize it must be Blursday.

My grandma used to mention she was so busy that there were a couple of times she’s pretty sure she passed herself while driving. Life feels a lot like that this is month. Busy at work. Busy with soccer. Busy with life. Oh yeah, why not launch a book too for good measure? nonstop craziness.

As I wrap up my day and think about the week I’m fairly certain this will be a week of Blursdays. Let the crazy continue… after I get a good night of sleep. 😉