Thankful for Simple Pleasures – Running In the Rain

Day 2,153

Our run this morning started out pretty normal for us. Out the door right about 5am, headlamps on, starting slow and then speeding up. Then something happened that hasn’t happened for quite some time on one of our runs. It started to rain.

The temperature was just warm enough that it was pretty soothing and comfortable. In many ways it reminded me of the rain in Hilo, Hawaii. Running with the smell of fresh rain was amazing!

Quite often I’ll stick to the treadmill or reschedule a run due to rain, this morning we went with it and it was so peaceful and chill. I might have to do it more often!


Thankful for Getting Outside the Office with My Work Family

Day 2,152

We wrapped up our offsite dinner celebration of our successful first half of the year a couple of hours ago and my stomach muscles are still sore from laughing so hard! OMG – we had so much fun laughing, joking, creating new games, and hanging out. The only work discussed was related to humorous things, nothing even remotely serious.

Spending time like this with my work family fills my heart on so many levels. I’m so blessed to have a team that both works so hard and plays so well together. Getting outside our office to bond and laugh was so much fun.


Thankful for Reconnecting with Great Friends

Day 2,151

One of my best friends got me a wonderful gift a while back. It’s a bottle opener with a beautiful quote.

They talked in the shorthand of friends and shared memories.

Dee Henderson, Before I Wake

That quote so eloquently touches on the sensation of getting together with the best of friends regardless of the time since their last meeting. While sometimes conversations need to be coaxed and cajoled out of hiding there are certain people in which the natural language of the friendship immediately springs to mind and the difficulty lays in finding how to say goodbye.

Tonight was one of those times in which the conversation flowed as if it hadn’t been well over a year since we last spoke in person or over the phone. What a wonderful testament to great friendship!


Thankful for Additional Uses for Wisdom From My Old Man

Day 2,150

Days like today are the ones when I miss Dad a little more than usual. My day was shaped on more than one occasion by wisdom Dad shared long ago. To paraphrase:

“When you get too frustrated, just stop, take a break, and walk away. The problem will still be there waiting for you, but you’ll have a much more cool head when you take it on again. Attempt to muscle through it and you’re only going to get frustrated. Walk away before you make it worse.”

– Dad, aka Pete Kreiling

I miss him as he would have smiled and laughed as I shared my use of his wisdom. He’d flash me his “I told you so” smile, and then we’d laugh some more.

There’s the smile I’m talking about today 😁

Not only did Dad’s shared wisdom help, it made me smile as I thought of his normal reaction in moments like this. I miss him tremendously, and yet my heart is beyond full for all the time we shared.


Thankful for Some Old Fashioned Good Luck

Day 2,149

After the deer hit a couple weeks ago I went in for an estimate. I tossed the. My keys, waited until they were done, got my quote, and got into my car. I drove across town on Hwy 61 and went to Kwik Trip for gas. I then drive back to my office.

When I tried to lock the car it wouldn’t let me, saying my keys were in the car. I realized the body shop never gave me my keys back so I started looking in all the usual spots. Nothing. I was pretty frustrated and got out of the car again to take a deep breath and stretch. That’s when I saw this…

Sometimes it really is better to be lucky than good!


Thankful for a Successful Empty Nest Test Run

Day 2,148

As the days and hours tick by until the beginning of Dominic’s senior year and Gavin’s freshmen year the clock seems to be moving so much more rapidly than in the past. At this pace I’m glad we have started to try out some of our empty nest dreams. We’ll definitely miss the boys, and knowing there won’t be as much craziness we’ll have to create our own.

Cue the reality testing of the campervan!

All went very well and we had a successful test run. We learned a few things to try things we’d like to try next and figured out how to do our next couple of test runs. So glad we’re starting to try this early to see what enjoy most.

At home I also had the opportunity to work on part of my potential empty nest “hobby.” While it didn’t go as smooth as I would have liked I was at least able to make some serious progress. Thinking ahead to the idea of having more time to devote to it I’m a little giddy!

Im going to keep enjoying all the time I can with the boys AND I’m going to keep reality testing the idea of being empty nesters to get myself ready for that next chapter as well.


Thankful for Biking, Bison, & Blazing Campfires

Day 2,147

As has become our annual tradition, Becky and I headed out for a bike ride to the state wildlife refuge near our campsite. Each year this gives us an opportunity to head out and spend some time doing a few of the clothing’s we love all rolled into one. It’s a 20+ mile bike ride that includes some quiet county roads and quiet gravel paths through the preserve. So much greenery and marshland, such a beautiful area.

This year we even got to see some bison! each year we keep an eye out for the. As there are signs saying they are nearby, but this year there was a new form in the road which led us right to the bison. Pretty awesome!

To wrap up the night we chilled out around a blazing campfire, always the right backdrop for conversation on a summer night. So peaceful to chill and relax while enjoying the warmth and visual effects.


Thankful for Additional Benefits of a Big Goal

Day 2,146

One of my personal goals for this year is reading 100 books. I’m currently on pace to reach the goal and am already savoring the potential joy of reaching the goal.

For clarity, there are already a couple of books I’ve read more than once. These are some of my cornerstone books, the reads which have had the most profound impact on my life. I rather enjoy the concept of having a single book shelf filled with my favorites to be read and reread each year. In order to reach 100 read this year I have certainly needed to add some variety to keep me fresh and going.

The large number of new books I’ve read this year has added a pretty sweet added benefit. The concepts have blended and collided with past books. Sometimes they are complementary while others are in polar opposition. Regardless, they reading of the new books have been adding an additional level of depth to the books I’ve read in the last. Some of the concepts seem to make even more sense with the benefit of the additional information. What an awesome additional benefit of this goal!


Thankful for Meeting In Person

Day 2,144

I am so thankful for how adept we all became at communicating via Zoom and Teams during the pandemic. The ability to bridge the gap of distance with technology was so helpful in so many ways. We were able to work and get stuff done while being literally countries away from each other. So beneficial in so many ways.

Today I was reminded of the importance of interpersonal communication in a small handful of events. Each pointed out so clearly how important face to face conversation still is. In one moment in particular there was so much more understanding and relatability thanks to being in the same room. Somehow my filter gets knocked a little offkilter in the electronic world but is so quickly straightened back out when face to face.

Yes, electronic communication can be super convenient and helpful, sometimes 100% necessary. The value of being in a room together, face to face, and communicating as humans evolved to do is so much more natural and much more befittting of certain conversations.