Day 1,115 – Thankful for Snuggling In the Warm & Comfy Musical Hoodie of Weezer

There’s something magical about a well broken in sweatshirt on a cool day. Way too big, super comfy, feels likes home, and it’s been with you so long it’s almost a part of you. On a cool fall day you throw it on and the world is suddenly transformed for the better.

The hoodie I decided to wear to warm me up this evening was Weezer. As soon as my brain thought “Weezer” a grin crossed my face as I feverishly thumbed my iPhone’s Music app.

As I hit play I could feel myself snuggling into one of my favorites…

“I’ve got a Dungeon Master’s Guide, I’ve got a twelve sided die…”

All my stress melted away…

“Flip on the telly, wrestle with…”

Ahh… nothing like a warm and comfy sweatshirt on a cool fall day like this.



Day 1,114 – Thankful for a Pull Over Moment

Day 1,114 – Thankful for a Pull Over Moment

So many ideas for the blog today hit me this morning on my drive in to work.

Here are all of the possibilities for the post I had in the span of less than five minutes:

  • Thankful for the Edges: appreciating the lines between dark and light which produce something more beautiful than each alone
  • Thankful for Soaking It In: instead of taking a picture (which I ended up doing afterwards) how great to just soak in the moment and savor it with every ounce of my being
  • Thankful for Beautiful Coincidences: as I turned the corner to see a mind blowing you beautiful beam of sunshine lighting up the side of a bluff the car radio emanated “and I don’t want a never ending life, I just want to be alive while I’m here,” the same lyrics I was just blogging about yesterday
  • Thankful for Learning From Da Vinci: in an enlightening biography of Da Vinci I learned of how he used to experiment with painting in different lighting to see how differently things looked. Today I was able to see a clear contrast between the fall colors in light and shadow.

So why did I finally choose “A Pull Over Moment?” While thinking of my blog and taking in the sights around me I went around a corner on Highway 61. The view around the corner was mind blowing! Not only was there a bluff lit up by a stray sunbeam, but there was even a rainbow across the river!

Without hesitation I threw on my blinker, put the car in park, got out, and took a picture. I put my phone back in my pocket, drew in a deep breath, and just soaked it all up. Sitting there on the side of the road and savoring the beauty around me was awesome. I’m so thankful for taking the time to pull over and enjoy the moment.

Life is an incredible ride. Sometimes there are things so awesome I have to immediately pull over for them. Others may pass by but I choose to soak those moments in, they make life worth living. So much love and appreciation for those pull over moments!


Day 1,113 – Thankful for Living the Lyrics of a Strumbellas Song

And I don’t want a never ending life,

I just want to be alive while I’m here.

– The Strumbellas, “Spirits”

What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been! Family, work, friends, and all the life in between has kept me bouncing at a breakneck pace. As I wait in the parking lot to pick up Dominic I feel the exhaustion of so many nonstop days and nights of life. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As I take a moment to pause and reflect it feels like I’ve lived almost a half year in the past few weeks. Random events, gatherings, time with family, hanging with friends, alone time, productive work. So many awesome memories over the past few weeks.

Sure, I’m exhausted and will crash hard tonight, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Day 1,112 – Thankful for Amazing Sunrises Over the Driftless

Sometimes words aren’t the most important part of my blog. Some things are so simple yet beyond explanation. Trying to put words to those things only cloud and complicate is stunningly simple beauty. Instead of writing an explanation of why I’m thankful for this today I’ll do my best to keep it simple.

God, thank you for the opportunity to witness such beauty.


Day 1,111 – Thankful for Timestamp Moments

My Facebook memories from this day in the past left me feeling nostalgic. Seven years ago today LuLu came to live with us.

My mind was blown in very different ways. In one way it seems just like yesterday that we adopted her. Just as shocking was that it seems like she’s been a part of our family forever. I can clearly remember taking that picture and helping her become accustomed to her new home that night.

That moment feels very much like a timestamp we added to our live to market the moment for future comparative use. What got me thinking is just how many of these wonderful markers in our life we have. Over the past week I’ve caught myself pausing to appreciate several of those moments.

Those moments are usually the times that have helped define me or have helped to reset my path. They may be expected or unexpected. Some bring extreme joy, others that off with sadness and then force me to find joy in spite of my initial feeling. Sometimes these timestamp moments are so extraordinary that they don’t feel real while others are so ordinary it’s not until long after they’ve passed that the true beauty of them is revealed (like the ordinary yet incredible last hug from my dad).

Regardless of the timestamp moment description itself it marks the passing of time. Future events and experiences will become regular memories. When I attempt to decipher the true timeline I’ll lean on the light from those timestamp moments. They are the paragraph breaks and chapter titles in the novel that is my life.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of one of those moments – I appreciate each of you greatly!


Day 1,110 – Thankful for Adding to the Dream List & Kitchen Tables

I am continually amazed at how many wondrous places there on Earth. In conversation with Jesse I learned of The Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. He’d visited there and as he described I was enthralled. A quick Google image search later I was mentally adding another destination to my dream list. Just the thought of visiting of visiting such a magnificent place bring some great joy.

Much of today was spent around one of my favorite pieces of furniture, the kitchen table. It seems so basic and nondescript but these tables are the source of so many incredible memories. Many new memories were created tonight. So many laughs and fun. Long lasting friendships continued and more strongly developed. All this around a kitchen table piled with games, snacks, and drinks. A perfect gathering place for an incredible weekend with friends.


Day 1,109 – Thankful for Catching Up with Friends and Old School Gaming

Let the good times ROLL! Get it? See what I did there? 😉

I’ve had a wonderful time catching up with friends today. Spending time reminiscing and talking about life has been awesome. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to hang out with great friends. With the whirlwind of life constantly spinning by its so easy to lose touch a little. Taking time to pause and reconnect with some of the most important people in my life who don’t live nearby is something I am eternally grateful for.

Tonight’s agenda includes doing some old school gaming. There are so many excellent memories of times just like this from way back in the day, I’m pumped to make some more!