Thankful for Feeling Stuffed (Physically and Mentally)

Day 2,055

This year’s version of Sales Summit was another huge success. I’m wrapping up a bit early to catch my flight tomorrow morning and I’m laying in bed digesting the past 40-ish hours… and an insanely delicious meal 😉

I’ve taken so many pages of notes at Summit. Many of the classes I took were focused on leadership and strengths, all very much in line with where my personal focus has been directed recently. As such, there were so many nuggets of insight to process. The task of reviewing it all tomorrow and then parsing it down to a reasonable Top 10 list is going to be wildly difficult. By the end of my last session today my brain was completely and totally full. It was uncomfortable, but in a very good way.

After class the team and I went out for what has become our traditional Sales Summit supper – Brazillian barbeque. I ate way more than I should have and am definitely feeling stuffed now. While it feels a bit uncomfortable it reminds me of how much fun we had as a team. The entire experience seemed to have a sitcom laugh track playing behind it, we were constantly laughing! Talk about an awesome night with my work family! So many fun conversations, jokes, and whatnot. I love my team to death and I overjoyed to have had the opportunity to spend so much time with them joking and laughing like that. So blessed to have each of them around.

Time to lay in bed and digest… or fall right asleep, we’ll see which comes first.


Thankful for an Awesomely Exhausting Day Resulting In Being Too Tired for a Long Blog & Remembering the Intent Behind This Journey

Day 2,053

Today was a work day, right? How in the world did I pack so much in? Wowza!

The day started with an awesome early morning bike with Becky before work – which could, should, and probably will be it’s own blog post in the near future.

My work day was jammed with a couple of planned meetings and an outstanding bonus one. Throw in more than a few times when I felt I was living into my “why” and it was fantastic.

After supper we got the pontoon out on the water for the summer, always one of the best nights of the summer. The entire family took part and enjoyed more outdoors time.

Finishing wrapping up the prep for the next few days of work, play a game with Gavin, and now crash in bed exhausted.

I’m still not quite sure I packed in this much life today, it was amazing! Still a ton to get done over the next few days and a handful of follow ups, but definitely a successful day by any measure.

Type a long blog? Not tonight, I’m exhausted from living – in a very positive way!

It also reminded me of the intent behind my blog, to help me live a more joyful life. Throughout the day I was constantly present and appreciative of so many of these moments. That’s what this was all intended to be about, living a more joyful life and closing the gap.


Thankful for Opportunities to Experience a Sense of Awe and Wonder

Day 2,052

Last night there was alone of storms north and west of us. They were throwing off more lightning than I’ve ever seen at once. The sky seemed to never go fully dark, there was burst after burst after burst of lighting. After consulting the radar the boys and I loaded up into the car and headed out to Nelson Park, a park at the end of the island from which you can see across Lake Onalaska to the Minnesota bluffs. The light show was amazing!!!

When the storm line was threatening to come closer than we were comfortable with we loaded back up and went home. The boys went inside and I sat out on the deck and soaked it all in. The changing pressure, the wind switching directions, the drop in temperature, and, of course, the lightning. When the rain finally started to fall I went back inside and of of to bed.

What I appreciated the most I was the presence centering focus brought about by the senses of awe and wonder. There was no stress, no desire, no thoughts of the past or present. There was only the focus on being in that moment and soaking up all of the awesomeness around me. The boys were equally as enthralled which only added to my joy. Such a spectacular showing of the power of nature and a profound reminder that presence and joy can be found so much more easily in moments of awe and wonder.


Thankful for Breaking the Rust Loose with a Early Morning Trail Run / Hike

Day 2,051

My legs were exceedingly stiff this morning when I rolled out of bed. Running the half had taken a bit of a toll, getting older definitely messes with recovery. What to do with stiff and tired legs? I opted for the nontraditional therapy, I got moving and got in a nice little trail run / hike combo early in the morning.

The first mile was pretty brutal and resulted in some extra stretching on the trail as well as a little bit of swearing. By the second mile the rust had started to break loose and it felt good on the downhills. My third mile found me feeling good enough to run up most of the uphills. The pace was fairly horrific, but it still felt good to get the miles in. One of those feeling the gains through the discomfort type of runs (and when I say “run” this was truly a mash up of jogging and fast hiking).

As was the case last week I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the woods to kick off the morning. Life is so much more calm and easy to manage after getting some time in the forest. Throw in a cacophony of birds and spotting over half a dozen deer and it was pretty amazing. The scents of spring were really kicking in and my nose enjoyed each breath. Ahh…

While I’m going to take the morning off tomorrow to hit the road to work early, I’m certainly looking forward to getting back out for another run on Wednesday morning. Starting off the day with motion always feels fantastic.


Thankful for a Busy Weekend and Celebrating Mother’s Day

Day 2,050

What a busy weekend it has been! Yesterday I shared much of the busyness of Saturday, today was almost as busy as yesterday. Thankfully there was still plenty of time to celebrate Mother’s Day too.

This weekend was wild, but there are so many moments of it we’ll remember for years to come. Dominic’s first prom. Gavin’s first day of reffing. Becky’s “Screw You Autoimmune Disease” half marathon. There’s been a lot. Today picked right up where yesterday left off. We had a fun impromptu conversation with friends while grocery shopping. We got home and had time to hear about Dominic’s fun night at prom. After packing lunches we headed to Madison for Gavin’s soccer match and made a pitstop at Natural Bridge State Park. Catch the game, grab ice cream for supper, drive home a couple of hours, wrap up a few things at home, and head off to bed. Busy but a blast.

Throughout the day we celebrated Mother’s Day. Becky’s an awesome mom and the boys always appreciate her, but today they appreciated her a little extra. Seeing them take great care of her makes me smile, seeing her get the appreciation she deserves warms my heart. The boys know how fortunate they are to have a mom who loves and supports the so much.


Thankful for Mission Accomplished

Day 2,049

So many different directions I could have blogged about tonight. Gavin’s first games as a soccer referee and Dominic’s prom both really stick out. I got bonus time with both boys and Becky individually throughout the day.

What I’m most thankful for today was the sense of a mission accomplished. Three years ago Becky had to drop out of running a half marathon as she was feeling the traumatic impact of an autoimmune disease which hadn’t been diagnosed at that time. She wanted to run the half marathon today – the same race she wasn’t able to do three years ago – to prove that her disease couldn’t stop her. She crushed all 13.1 miles of it and crossing the finish line with her was nothing short of awesome. Pure awesomeness, mission accomplished!


Thankful for the Stars Aligning

Day 2,048

Still not sure how the heck we pulled it off, but Becky and I were able to watch our niece pitch in her HS softball game, watch our nephew take a couple of at bats and field a fly ball, and catch Dominic’s 4x400m relay. Everything just happened to work out that the two ball games were literally within 40 yards of each other. They were both done with plenty of time to head 30 minutes away to catch Dominic’s meet. Not too shabby!

So much fun watching them all do their things tonight, I’m grateful for the planets aligning so it could all work out.


Thankful for an Eclectic Mix of Semi-Random Gratitudes

Day 2,046

Hmm… Many different options and ideas for today’s blog. Not sure any of them are specifically ready to hatch, but who knows, this is sometimes where the fun happens!

First off, I’ve had many memories in mind of a past vacation out to the Pacific coast in Washington. The beach there was epic, one of my top 10 favorite beaches. The landscape was unlike anything I’d ever seen in real life (and then we saw something similar in Cathedral Cove, NZ). So beautiful, one of my happy places for sure.

Having the opportunity to spend time with a thought leader can be very enlightening on so many levels. Even if I’ve heard the story before I’m always appreciative of an opportunity to learn from Marlene Chism. She did an excellent job of sharing the concepts from her new book on a webinar for pretty sizable number of our clients today. One of the reasons I love Marlene so much is her openness and candor, there is so much to learn from her.

Digging deeper into strengths and how to best work with my teammates has been top of mind all year. As I review some interesting next steps I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to read, learn, and review past experiences to apply to the teammates of today. I’m blessed to be surrounded by some incredible people each day, I’m excited to see them continue their growth.

Throw in an awesomely peaceful morning run, the promise of a hike early tomorrow morning, a dinner outside, and an evening with moments shared with each of my family and it’s been a stellar day all around. So much to be thankful for!


Thankful for Coffee and Sunshine on the Drive Home

Day 2,045

Sometimes the easiest and most obvious appreciation is best 🙂

My drive into Eau Claire today was very gloomy, damp, & dreary. Not exactly the type of ride that gets me all amped up and ready to take on the day. Thank goodness for COFFEE!!! Sipping away from my Yeti mug while driving through the gray helped spark some life on the road this morning.

My drive home was pretty amazing – the sun was out! Even though I was just in Jamaica a short time ago it feels like I haven’t seen the sun since. Spending the entire drive home in the sun and with the moon roof open was awesome. Nothing like the sun and the feel of it on my face on the drive to wrap up a day of work.

Coffee and sunshine on the drive home… life is good!


Thankful for Right Learning at the Right Time, Recording Band Concerts

Day 2,044

I’ve often mentioned how interesting the timing of so many things in life are. It seems as if I almost can’t help but accidentally stumble into a right answer, sometimes even before I knew I was asking a question! Through a bit of research on a different topic I happened across a book and the code it contained with an online strength and leadership assessment. As I was digging into retention and engagement I found this little treat which really opened up a new path for me. Within a short period of time I was knees deep into a treasure trove of information which will help me out in multiple directions.

One of the reasons I have a passion for learning is the opportunity it may provide in the future. I never know when a nugget of knowledge from a past lesson may come back to help me out in a future moment. When it does I’m so pumped and grateful for it. Even if I don’t utilize a new lesson right away in the moment I know it is floating around somewhere in my gray matter ready to be grabbed when the timing is right.

Yesterday I missed Dominic’s band concert because I was in Madison for Gavin’s soccer game. Thanks to Becky I was still able to enjoy the concert on TV tonight. Dominic and I loaded it up on the living room TV and watched it together. It was pretty sweet having him right there to point out the things I should be watching for and listening to. Not only did I get to watch and hear the concert, but I also got the behind the scenes version which was awesome! I really appreciate Becky recording the concert for me to watch.