Thankful for Getting My Butt Out of Bed

Day 2,061

I really wanted to go back to sleep this morning after my alarm went off. The temptation was very strong and I could feel the gravity of laziness pulling my fingers towards the snooze button. After an epic battle of wills I got my butt out of bed instead.

My run was amazing and I got this scenic view to start my day:

Very simple, but I’m thankful for getting my butt out of bed this morning. Had I hit the snooze my day wouldn’t have been nearly as successful.


Thankful for Finally Reading a Classic; Flow

Day 2,060

Do you have one of those books? You know, one of the ones you see referenced all the time that you always seem to remind yourself to read but you never quite get around to it. Each time you see it you pause and are about to make a note to yourself and then you get distracted and forget it until the next time you bump into it. Do you have one of those books? I do. For me, that book is Flow by Mihaly Csiksgentmihalyi.

I’m still not sure how I’ve accidentally avoided it for the last few decades. The book is right up my alley and already has me hooked, how’d I miss it?

Well, the time has finally come and I’ve already begun to devour it. My mind is already feeling with the mental comparisons to several other great books. I’m glad the time is finally here!


Thankful for Stopping to Smell the Lilacs

Day 2,059

Soooo… just when I thought I’d be getting back to longer blog posts I came across something I could not pass by for my blog. On my walk with LuLu I probably looked a little silly. There were a couple of occasions in which I went to the very edge of the road and stuck my nose in a specific type of plant to take a strong whiff of the smell of early summer…

For reals, what an incredible scent! So easy to lose my self in the moment when take a deep inhale near one of these beautiful bushes. One of my top 10 favorite smells in the world.


Thankful for Finding the “And,” a Brotherly Moment, Dominic’s Spontaneous Cleaning, & More Tour Guide Time

Day 2,058

LOL – maybe I’ll get back to the normal length blog tomorrow. Back to reality tomorrow.

There were a handful of “And” moments today, finding ways to do multiple things at once while still doing them each well. A little work, a lot of friend time, and some time with the boys. All blended together into one hell of a day!

At Gavin’s track meet there was a moment that had me smiling even bigger than after either of his wins… a moment when his brother came out to congratulate Gavin. Talk about awesome to see!

Dominic cleaned the kitchen tonight without being asked. So happy he pitched in to help like that, always appreciated!

More tour guide time today, this time on the pontoon. Always happy to have an extra reason to get on the water!


Thankful for Playing Occasional Tour Guide in La Crosse

Day 2,057

Another short one tonight, maxing out the time with friends while we have it.

My buddy Kevin had not been to La Crosse until today and I had an opportunity I always enjoy, being an occasional tour guide of the city. We hit a couple of the key locations like the overlook on Grandad Bluff. It’s always fun sharing someone’s first experience of the Mississippi River Valley.

These moments remind me to look at this majestic area through the eyes of someone who’s never seen the bluffs before.


Thankful for Feeling Stuffed (Physically and Mentally)

Day 2,055

This year’s version of Sales Summit was another huge success. I’m wrapping up a bit early to catch my flight tomorrow morning and I’m laying in bed digesting the past 40-ish hours… and an insanely delicious meal 😉

I’ve taken so many pages of notes at Summit. Many of the classes I took were focused on leadership and strengths, all very much in line with where my personal focus has been directed recently. As such, there were so many nuggets of insight to process. The task of reviewing it all tomorrow and then parsing it down to a reasonable Top 10 list is going to be wildly difficult. By the end of my last session today my brain was completely and totally full. It was uncomfortable, but in a very good way.

After class the team and I went out for what has become our traditional Sales Summit supper – Brazillian barbeque. I ate way more than I should have and am definitely feeling stuffed now. While it feels a bit uncomfortable it reminds me of how much fun we had as a team. The entire experience seemed to have a sitcom laugh track playing behind it, we were constantly laughing! Talk about an awesome night with my work family! So many fun conversations, jokes, and whatnot. I love my team to death and I overjoyed to have had the opportunity to spend so much time with them joking and laughing like that. So blessed to have each of them around.

Time to lay in bed and digest… or fall right asleep, we’ll see which comes first.


Thankful for Glimpses of the Power of Purpose

Day 2,054

As I prep for bed and conduct my daily ritual of blogging my mind is going in a couple of different directions for my blog. There are a few distinct appreciations which all seem to flow into a common theme. Just a heads up, this is all going to sound familiar as the path is one I’ve traveled recently.

Starting my morning yesterday with an early morning hike with Becky was outstanding. To share time in the woods with her while we both take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors is something I enjoy immensely. Amongst all I do in life this type of activity hovers continually near the top. Not only does it provide moments of awe and wonder leading to extreme presence, but I get to share it with my best friend and soulmate. Doing what we love while sharing in that love together is something I do not take for granted. We are so fortunate to have the common love and appreciation of nature. Those times together hiking the trails, whether exploring a new to us National Park or wandering the same old trail for the ten thousandth time, are one of the ways I re-charge, refresh, and refill my reservoir of energy. By taking that time to the two of us I have the strength and energy to live into my sense of purpose and am much more likely to live more closely into the person I am called to be – it helps me work on the gap. All the while my heart is filled with tremendous joy.

This morning I spent a lot of time with a teammate I haven’t had a ton of one on one time with. The entire experience was incredibly enlightening as well as a ton of fun. I was able to learn so much about her, hear about her motivations, her dreams, and her story. Throughout I kept thinking about how this was exactly where I was supposed to be at that time. Hearing her share her experiences helped me see how we’ve made progress towards living into our purpose while simultaneously providing an opportunity to dream a bigger and better vision of what living that purpose could look like. It was a conversation which will leave lasting fingerprints on our future.

During the day there was a moment in which I took a couple of actions which I would have most likely skipped in the past. Before I could help myself I was leaping into action and unaware of moving myself outside of my comfort zone. The action itself was taken because it was necessary based on purpose, on our why. So many times in the past I’ve taken action more for ego’s sake, if I’m completely honest with myself. This time was 100% for the cause, to protect the purpose. I was reminded afterwards of a comment from Tribal Leadership: the right purpose, the right reason, they work through us. This was a moment in which the purpose warranted action and action was taken immediately. Afterwards a passing conversation in an elevator showed me the importance of the action. Purpose caused necessary action which wouldn’t have otherwise happened.

Purpose, such a powerful thing. It is truly humbling, each time I feel like I’m understanding the power of purpose more I quickly realize how little about the power of purpose I truly know. Each time I start to get a glimpse I quickly see there is so much more than what I am getting a glimpse of. What a beautiful journey this has been and will continue to be!


Thankful for an Awesomely Exhausting Day Resulting In Being Too Tired for a Long Blog & Remembering the Intent Behind This Journey

Day 2,053

Today was a work day, right? How in the world did I pack so much in? Wowza!

The day started with an awesome early morning bike with Becky before work – which could, should, and probably will be it’s own blog post in the near future.

My work day was jammed with a couple of planned meetings and an outstanding bonus one. Throw in more than a few times when I felt I was living into my “why” and it was fantastic.

After supper we got the pontoon out on the water for the summer, always one of the best nights of the summer. The entire family took part and enjoyed more outdoors time.

Finishing wrapping up the prep for the next few days of work, play a game with Gavin, and now crash in bed exhausted.

I’m still not quite sure I packed in this much life today, it was amazing! Still a ton to get done over the next few days and a handful of follow ups, but definitely a successful day by any measure.

Type a long blog? Not tonight, I’m exhausted from living – in a very positive way!

It also reminded me of the intent behind my blog, to help me live a more joyful life. Throughout the day I was constantly present and appreciative of so many of these moments. That’s what this was all intended to be about, living a more joyful life and closing the gap.


Thankful for Opportunities to Experience a Sense of Awe and Wonder

Day 2,052

Last night there was alone of storms north and west of us. They were throwing off more lightning than I’ve ever seen at once. The sky seemed to never go fully dark, there was burst after burst after burst of lighting. After consulting the radar the boys and I loaded up into the car and headed out to Nelson Park, a park at the end of the island from which you can see across Lake Onalaska to the Minnesota bluffs. The light show was amazing!!!

When the storm line was threatening to come closer than we were comfortable with we loaded back up and went home. The boys went inside and I sat out on the deck and soaked it all in. The changing pressure, the wind switching directions, the drop in temperature, and, of course, the lightning. When the rain finally started to fall I went back inside and of of to bed.

What I appreciated the most I was the presence centering focus brought about by the senses of awe and wonder. There was no stress, no desire, no thoughts of the past or present. There was only the focus on being in that moment and soaking up all of the awesomeness around me. The boys were equally as enthralled which only added to my joy. Such a spectacular showing of the power of nature and a profound reminder that presence and joy can be found so much more easily in moments of awe and wonder.