Thankful for Our Last Soccer Club Trip to Madison

Day 2,064

Today was our last trip to Madison for Gavin’s soccer club. Over the past several years we’ve made the trip to Madison and beyond for both Dominic and Gavin. The soccer club they both have been a part of want a specific level of competition and have made Madison one of the locations we travel to often. Gavin’s team was technically in the Madison Youth Soccer League and has played zero games at home so far (we have one game remaining in the season and it will be played in La Crosse). This club has been quite the commitment, but we wanted to allow the boys the opportunity to play the sport they love. This will be Gavin’s last season as next year he’ll be participating in high school track instead.

Knowing that today was our last trip to Madison was very surreal. Next fall we’ll only have high school soccer games to attend, the overwhelming majority on weeknights and approximately half (or more) played on our home field. Next winter the boys will only have high school snowboarding, there will not be any weeknight soccer practices. Next spring will involve many track meets, almost all of which will be on weeknights and within a 30 minute drive of home. No more long weekends in Madison. No more months of weekends being booked with soccer.

I’m thankful the boys both have had the opportunity to play soccer like they have for as long as they have. That said, I’m beyond excited to have more time to do other things on the weekends as a family, to have exponentially less travel time on the weekends, and to spend more quality time with the boys.

The trips to Madison have been fun, but I’m very appreciative for the opportunity to close that door and open the next.


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