Day 763 – Thankful for a New Driver to Help Load Up the Boat

Look closely at the picture of who was helping me hook the boat up to the trailer…

Dominic had helped me back out of the garage once before and I figured that it’d be a good experience for him again. Once he got rolling he was doing so well I thought I’d have him get it close to the trailer hitch. Then that went smoothly so he earned the opportunity to get it completely in place. No nervousness or hesitation, he followed direction very well and nailed it (in a very good way 😂)!

At this rate I’m excited to get him up north and see what else he can pick up quickly… and before Becky says no 😉.

While at times I’d love to have time slow down this is one of those moments when I’m so proud of how quickly he’s maturing and becoming a dude. It also is so awesome to see him learning the same things I remember my dad teaching me so many years ago.


Day 762 – Thankful for Enjoying the Ride

Wow!!!  What a day it has been!  Ever since I got out of bed I’ve been going non-stop.  For reals, if you’ve tried communicating with me you probably noticed a much longer delay than usual.  While I’m getting pretty tired and ready for bed, I’ve got to say that I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.


Sure, there’ve been some bumps along the way and ugly things to deal with, but they are so small in comparison.  Even in those moments there is much to learn from observing and remembering.  As I look a the whole of the day there are a few things that really stick out…

  • The great news that a test result came back wonderful!
  • Time to focus on what I would truly like to accomplish and realizing that while it may be on the very edge of ridiculous, it could be amazing!!!
  • Seeing times in which I’ve given and given without thought of receiving return to me in a way so grand that it left me overwhelmed with tears.
  • As I pulled off the interstate and hung up on my last call I smiled to myself and reminded myself that I’m enjoying the ride…  and then being greeted with an honest to god rainbow on the horizon…  I literally LOL’d and thanked the Big Guy Upstairs for the reminder.

The picture I’ve added just seems so right for today.  I feel like I’m riding in the big old wheel, flying seemingly out of control, but knowing that I still have the ability to steer.  It’s rolling in the right direction and gathering speed, the wind flies through my hair as I giggle with glee and smile from ear to ear.  This is my ride, and I’m enjoying every crazy busy and awesome moment of it.


Day 761 – Thankful for the Same Message in a Different Package

Isn’t it crazy how I can sometimes get caught in a rut.  I do the same things over and over, listen to the same songs, read the same books.  For someone with a short attention span like me I still haven’t quite figured out why that’s the case.  Maybe it’s because I find comfort in the same things subconsciously, maybe a part of me is being intellectually lazy, or maybe I just am tuned in to what I like.  I’m not sure, and I’m not overly worried about it.  Once in a while something happens that causes me to take note of that idiosyncrasy of mine, and today I had one of those moments.

To be very clear, I really like my church.  It’s upbeat, open minded, and fits closely to my personal faith.  Earlier today I had the opportunity to join my mom at her church, which is very different than ours.  In going it was a wonderful chance to hear the same message and beliefs packaged in a different package.

Sometimes I get caught up in the monotony of doing the same thing each week.  My mind wanders and I start getting my focus in different directions.  When I’m not present I’m missing out on so much of the message that I could be learning and growing from.  Times like this morning break me out of the normal rut and help me hear the stories and thoughts a little differently.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?  That break from tradition helps me appreciate the tradition while helping me view my beliefs from a new perspective.  I am able to appreciate the different delivery and the different views of the same beliefs, all while appreciating the normal delivery.  It doesn’t quite seem like it would make sense, but it totally does.  Today was a wonderful reminder of that.

As we walked out it was cool to hear that the boys had the same mindset and enjoyed it greatly.  I’m not saying that they should switch or anything, but I was very happy that instead of clinging to what they are used to they were open minded of and accepting of a different delivery.  They thoroughly enjoyed the church service – how great is that?  I am so thankful of their open mindedness to others and new ideas!


All in all, it was very successful morning!  Time with my mom, time seeing from a new perspective, time appreciating my usual perspective, and time appreciating the mindsets of my boys.


Day 760 – Thankful for a Nice Chill Day Hangin’ at Mom’s with the Boys

Day 760 – Thankful for a Nice Chill Day Hangin’ at Mom’s with the Boys

After a peaceful 15 hour night of sleep I woke up feeling much better this morning. Amazing the healing power of a great night (and a half) of sleep!

I’m very glad I was feeling much better because I had plans of hanging out with my mom and the boys today. Nothing crazy, just an awesomely chill day of just hanging out.

The day didn’t disappoint! We had a great time doing some pretty laid back things like heading to the pumpkin patch, going for a walk, playing games, and watching some baseball. An added benefit was all the time outside. We created some memories including apple slingshots, making mini hay bales, and a very non-OSHA approved pumpkin chucker.

The best part was spending time just shooting the bull and chillin’. No plan, no agenda, just relaxed time with each other… exactly what I was hoping for!


Day 759 – Thankful for Not Getting Sick Often 🤢

Today was supposed to go way differently than it did. In an alternate universe I went for my morning run, got a ton of work done, and wrapped up the evening at an teammate appreciation party…

Instead of been bed ridden, feeling awful, and will be going to bed shortly with hopes of sleeping for about 16 hours. Being sick really sucks!

But that’s actually what I’m thankful for today. It’s not often at all that I get sick like this. I’m usually healthy and ready to take on just about anything. Very rarely do I miss anything due to a bug like this. I’m usually feeling great and healthy and I sometimes take that for granted. Days like today remind me to be appreciative of that great luck with health and savor it more often.



Day 758 – Thankful for Running Inspiration from a New Book

Amongst some of my favorite running related books are:

  • Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
  • Natural Born Heroes by Christopher McDougall
  • Eat & Run by Scott Jurek
  • Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes
  • Finding Ultra by Rich Roll
  • Once a Runner by John L Parker

Just a hunch, but I’m thinking that there’s soon to be a new addition to the list…  North by Scott Jurek.


It’s a book written by Scott and his wife chronicling his attempt to set the Fastest Known Time for completing the entire Appalachian Trail, all 2,000+ miles of it.  Pretty much everything I could ever hope for in this story, trials of endurance and grit, an appreciation of nature and hiking, and even the give and take of a relationship of two individuals who enjoy being outside and moving.  Heck, hiking the entire Appalachian Trail is even on my dream list!

While the past couple of books I’ve read were more leadership focused, this one really is helping to fuel my grittiness.  Funny how hearing stories like this gets me all jazzed up and ready to go!  I might even do a couple of extra miles tomorrow 😉

I’m only halfway through, but I’m already looking forward to some quality drive time to keep hearing more of the story.


Day 757 – Thankful for Aspirations, Motivation, and Clarity from Chaos

Our annual Express Employment Professionals Simulcast was today and we had the opportunity to hear from three incredible speakers.  In each of their presentations I was able to pull some great ideas and see things a little differently.

Mark King, CEO of Adidas spun a wonderful tale of how he and his executives at TaylorMade started with a very grand vision of where they wanted to go.  They mapped out their aspirations of future greatness and then used that to lead them in the right direction.  As he spoke my mind ignited with an idea that I had never quite put together in my brain.  There’s this huge crazy view of where I think we can take our business, how we can have an incredible impact on so many, and it’s not actually that totally crazy.  It’s just this side of do-able.  While Mark continued to speak I shut off my ears and started sketching out my vision before it slipped away.  Now as I’ve had some time to think through it more I’ve found that this idea will be a great place to start our planning process for 2019 and I can’t wait to finish it!

Josh Sundquist is an incredibly inspirational speaker who I’ve had the privilege of experiencing once before.  At age 9 he lost his leg due to cancer and has been a poster child of gratitude, grit, and dreaming big ever since.  In his speech he shared the story of how he was attempting to play baseball at a church function after losing his leg and struggled mightily.  Each swing and a miss sent him falling to the ground.  After seven strikes he was ready to quit, but his dad talked him into continuing to try…  “Just keep swinging.”  Finally, after 13 strikes and spills to the ground he made contact!  Later in life he continued to use that mindset and focused on the mantra 1MT1MT…  One More Thing, One More Time.  What a powerful statement that is.  We are capable of accomplishing anything, when we first fail we need to follow that mindset…  One More Thing, One More Time.  To say that I was motivated to take on anything (including the crazy big vision I’d started to write down during Mark’s presentation).

Later in the day I was able to let several thoughts and ideas gel into one solid and concise whole.  Lately I’ve wanted to be in multiple places doing multiple things all at the same time.  While I haven’t found a way to do One More Thing One More Time to master the space time continuum, I was able to find a way to bend it a little today.  Using several ideas from some teammates I was able to formulate a way to accomplish about four different days with four different tasks with about eight teammates all at once and in a more impactful way than had I split into several directions.  To say I’m giddy about the solution would be an understatement!  I’m so thankful for all of those thoughts and ideas swirling in the chaos of my brain colliding into one wonderfully holistic answer.

So many things to be thankful for today…  Yet again my mind is blown with all I’ve been blessed with…  Family around me, my health and ability to run and be physically active, my friends, wonderful teammates, great mentors, inspirational stories, the ability to positively impact others, huge and awesome dreams, and the beautiful natural world around me.  I am so grateful for each of these things and so much more.