Day 761 – Thankful for the Same Message in a Different Package

Isn’t it crazy how I can sometimes get caught in a rut.  I do the same things over and over, listen to the same songs, read the same books.  For someone with a short attention span like me I still haven’t quite figured out why that’s the case.  Maybe it’s because I find comfort in the same things subconsciously, maybe a part of me is being intellectually lazy, or maybe I just am tuned in to what I like.  I’m not sure, and I’m not overly worried about it.  Once in a while something happens that causes me to take note of that idiosyncrasy of mine, and today I had one of those moments.

To be very clear, I really like my church.  It’s upbeat, open minded, and fits closely to my personal faith.  Earlier today I had the opportunity to join my mom at her church, which is very different than ours.  In going it was a wonderful chance to hear the same message and beliefs packaged in a different package.

Sometimes I get caught up in the monotony of doing the same thing each week.  My mind wanders and I start getting my focus in different directions.  When I’m not present I’m missing out on so much of the message that I could be learning and growing from.  Times like this morning break me out of the normal rut and help me hear the stories and thoughts a little differently.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?  That break from tradition helps me appreciate the tradition while helping me view my beliefs from a new perspective.  I am able to appreciate the different delivery and the different views of the same beliefs, all while appreciating the normal delivery.  It doesn’t quite seem like it would make sense, but it totally does.  Today was a wonderful reminder of that.

As we walked out it was cool to hear that the boys had the same mindset and enjoyed it greatly.  I’m not saying that they should switch or anything, but I was very happy that instead of clinging to what they are used to they were open minded of and accepting of a different delivery.  They thoroughly enjoyed the church service – how great is that?  I am so thankful of their open mindedness to others and new ideas!


All in all, it was very successful morning!  Time with my mom, time seeing from a new perspective, time appreciating my usual perspective, and time appreciating the mindsets of my boys.


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