Day 762 – Thankful for Enjoying the Ride

Wow!!!  What a day it has been!  Ever since I got out of bed I’ve been going non-stop.  For reals, if you’ve tried communicating with me you probably noticed a much longer delay than usual.  While I’m getting pretty tired and ready for bed, I’ve got to say that I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.


Sure, there’ve been some bumps along the way and ugly things to deal with, but they are so small in comparison.  Even in those moments there is much to learn from observing and remembering.  As I look a the whole of the day there are a few things that really stick out…

  • The great news that a test result came back wonderful!
  • Time to focus on what I would truly like to accomplish and realizing that while it may be on the very edge of ridiculous, it could be amazing!!!
  • Seeing times in which I’ve given and given without thought of receiving return to me in a way so grand that it left me overwhelmed with tears.
  • As I pulled off the interstate and hung up on my last call I smiled to myself and reminded myself that I’m enjoying the ride…  and then being greeted with an honest to god rainbow on the horizon…  I literally LOL’d and thanked the Big Guy Upstairs for the reminder.

The picture I’ve added just seems so right for today.  I feel like I’m riding in the big old wheel, flying seemingly out of control, but knowing that I still have the ability to steer.  It’s rolling in the right direction and gathering speed, the wind flies through my hair as I giggle with glee and smile from ear to ear.  This is my ride, and I’m enjoying every crazy busy and awesome moment of it.


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