Day 763 – Thankful for a New Driver to Help Load Up the Boat

Look closely at the picture of who was helping me hook the boat up to the trailer…

Dominic had helped me back out of the garage once before and I figured that it’d be a good experience for him again. Once he got rolling he was doing so well I thought I’d have him get it close to the trailer hitch. Then that went smoothly so he earned the opportunity to get it completely in place. No nervousness or hesitation, he followed direction very well and nailed it (in a very good way 😂)!

At this rate I’m excited to get him up north and see what else he can pick up quickly… and before Becky says no 😉.

While at times I’d love to have time slow down this is one of those moments when I’m so proud of how quickly he’s maturing and becoming a dude. It also is so awesome to see him learning the same things I remember my dad teaching me so many years ago.


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