Day 764 – Thankful for Starting Off the Day with a Run, a Little Work, and a Long Call with My Brother… All Before 6:30am

The alarm a little before 4am was a bit of a shock to the system, but once my eyes opened it was time to make the chimichangas. There was a ton on my plate today, the only possible way to get it all done was to start early and get as much done before 7am as possible.

The 4am run with Becky felt awesome! Great pace, great weather, great conversation, pretty sweet start for the morning. After a shower and getting ready quickly I pounded out some of the work I needed to get done and then hopped in the car for the long drive. Turns out Nick had a long morning drive also so we were able to catch up and have an awesome conversation!

After we hung up the phone I just smiled to myself and realized what a full day it had been… then I looked at the clock and saw it wasn’t even 6:30am! How sweet – an almost full day done before the boys were even close to being picked up by the bus!

Thankfully all that planning paid off and I was able to get almost everything done as hoped (except a couple of things that came up throughout the day). Because it was all done I was able to focus on trick or treating with the boys, pick up the boat, send out a couple of things, and get a bunch of personal tasks knocked out. Time for a relaxing night of sleep and then back up and at ‘me early tomorrow… got another busy one lined up tomorrow!


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