Day 855 – Thankful for Confronting Difficult Conversations the Right Way

As you’ll quickly read I’m not going to get into a ton of detail today as the specifics aren’t really necessary.

Today while meeting with some teammates one of them spoke up about something that had bothered them.  Instead of letting it cause drama and issues they brought it up very clearly and in the right way.  They were looking for a way to resolve the situation from happening again.  The other person handled it exactly as I would hoped any of my teammates would.  They apologized for the actions and then worked together with the other teammate to find a resolution.  After a few minutes of discussion the solution was found and everyone left the conversations feeling better knowing that everything had been resolved.

There was no drama, no issues, no finger pointing, no negativity.  Very clear and direct conversation coming from a mutual respect for each other – professionally and personally.  In a nutshell, it was AWESOME!!!  My teammates found a great way to strengthen their relationship through a potentially awkward situation instead of letting it get between them.

While this type of conflict resolution happens often amongst my teams I am especially thankful for it today.  I couldn’t have scripted the conversation any better and I’m so grateful to see that this is how they interact.



Day 854 – Thankful for the Wobbly Spots

Logrolling was cancelled due to the cold weather, but fortunately Becky saw that Root Down Yoga was still open so I was able to get an evening workout in tonight.  It was pretty wild going from -36 degree windchill to 95+ degree workout room, nothing like a 120 degree temperature change to get the body moving!

During the yoga class we spent a good chunk of time with our eyes closed to help us focus on our body awareness and focus.  As I was trying to hold a pose while balancing with my eyes closed Nick made a comment.  He reminded us that the “wobbly spots” are where we grow the most.  The rest of the class that thought kept rolling through my mind.

How true is that comment?  The wobbly spots are where we grow the most.  If I am not feeling wobbly I’m not pushing myself to grow enough.  If I am wobbly I haven’t completely failed and have a chance to be successful.  If I’m wobbly the muscles I’m working are getting stronger and will help me balance in the future.

When I relate this to other parts of life I couldn’t help but smile thinking about the several times I’ve been in wobbly spots in the past couple of days.  There’s an odd sense of peace I feel in those moments and up until now I didn’t have a good way to phrase why I feel that way…  Those are wobbly spots and I’m learning and growing.  I am not perfect in those moments, but I’m making positive progress and pushing myself closer to who I should be in those wobbly spots.  Those wobbly spots are moments I should be pushing myself towards and into on a regular basis.

screen shot 2019-01-29 at 8.42.50 pm

So tonight I’m thankful for the wobbly spots in life.  They may not be comfortable, I may not be successful in that moment, but in those moments I’ve got the opportunity to learn and grow.



Day 853 – Thankful for a Snowblower

Tonight is was joking with Becky about what my blog was going to be about. I had a couple of legitimately great ideas and then she said something that made me stop in my tracks and say, “yup… that’s it!”

After waking up this morning I headed to my computer and got some work done while Becky was on the treadmill. Afterwards I bundled up and headed out to the garage to do something I haven’t done for quite a while… I fired up the snowblower we got a couple of summers back.

It was AMAZING!!! I was cutting through the snow like a hot knife through butter. It felt great! After getting our driveway done I even had a little time to take care of our neighbor’s driveway. Seeing as he’d snowblowed ours so many times it was nice to return the favor.

The snow today was deep and heavy, having a snowblower made life so much better. It’s times like this I remember the smile on my dad’s face when he finally got one.


Day 852 – Thankful for Prepping for Our Last Weblos Meeting

It’s hard for me to believe, but after eight years of being a Cub Scout Den Leader tonight I was prepping for my last Den meeting. I’m continually amazed by how quickly time flies.

In getting ready for the meeting I wanted to have as much of my old scouting stuff as possible for the boys to see. This last meeting is focused on becoming a Boy Scout and I thought it’d be great to have something in hand to show the boys as examples. Just like yesterday, this meant digging up an old box of goodies from the basement.

I felt a little like Indiana Jones opening up a treasure chest. I opened the red plastic pencil box from the early 80s that contains so many little mementos. In that box I found most of what I was looking for and a quick search of the tote it was in ended in success as I found a few other materials.

Smiling, I laid it all out on the table and went through the mental checklist of what I was looking for to share with the boys tomorrow night. This list included merit badges, rank badges, Order of the Arrow stuff, Scout books, and my Eagle project info. Looking at all of it in front of me I just kept grinning and had about a thousand memories playing through my mind. Those memories also prompted me to search for some old pictures as well… but I’ll save those for a different blog 😉. Pretty sure I have enough fuel for about three or four future blogs from tonight!

I am so thankful for taking the time to dig out all of these goodies from the past for the meeting tomorrow. Not only did it bring a ton of joy to my life today, but it has fueled my passion for Scouting to share with the boys tomorrow.


Day 851 – Thankful for Stumbling Across an Old Box of Awesomeness On a Cold Day

While the boys were out braving the cold for a Boy Scout fundraiser at an ice fishing tournament Becky and I hit our normal cycling / yoga combo. After showering, errands and lunch we were going to play cribbage but couldn’t find the pegs. One thing led to another and we ended up cleaning up part of a closet… funny how that works, isn’t it?

After the boys got home I went to the basement to put some things away and stumbled across a tote that I hadn’t thought about for a while. A smirk went across my face as I knew what was about to happen. I pulled the tote out and quietly went to work setting it up.

What did I set up? Our old Nintendo!!! Good times in the basement here we come! I hollered for the boys to join me and we fired up a little Legend of Zelda. Since then we’ve also played a little Super Mario Bros. It’s been fun watching the boys try to figure out the archaic Nintendo controllers.

Normally we’re not a big video game family, but on a cold day like this it seems pretty appropriate. I’m so glad I stumbled across that old box of awesomeness today!


Day 850 – Thankful for the Peace that Comes From a Strong Sense of Purpose

Today is one of those days when I’m not going to go into a lot of detail.  Due to the personal nature of some of the events I’m going to focus on the broader topic.  I’m truly thankful for the peace that comes from a strong sense of purpose.

Throughout the day there were many reminders of the importance of purpose.  Sometimes it was reminders of mine brought forward from others.  In other cases it was living vicariously through others.  Regardless of the source it’s interesting to see just how much more joyful life is when we are living to that purpose.  When I give in to distractions and/or veer off course a little I can almost immediately feel the loss of direction.  Live true towards purpose and the positive energy is amazing and powers me to do more.

To those of you who shall remain nameless today, thank you all so much for reminding me of the peace that comes from a strong sense of purpose.  I appreciate it greatly and will remember today for so many reasons for so long.


Day 849 – Thankful for Taking Time to Slow Down, Breathe, and Have a Moment to Myself

Today’s been a great day, but a very busy day.  Pretty much ever since I woke up I’ve been moving and grooving.  Even the time I had to myself was usually focused on handling email and prepping for client meetings.


Cue yoga…  ahh…  Sure I was in a room surrounded by thirty plus other sweaty people, but it felt like I was all alone.  I was focused on my breathing and nothing else.  So simple, so relaxing, so peaceful.  Ahh…

I love being busy, making things happen, and interacting with my family, friends, teammates, and clients.  Nights like tonight remind me of how nice it is to take a few minutes of time alone to recharge.  Those few minutes in final rest were exactly what the doctor ordered today!