Day 855 – Thankful for Confronting Difficult Conversations the Right Way

As you’ll quickly read I’m not going to get into a ton of detail today as the specifics aren’t really necessary.

Today while meeting with some teammates one of them spoke up about something that had bothered them.  Instead of letting it cause drama and issues they brought it up very clearly and in the right way.  They were looking for a way to resolve the situation from happening again.  The other person handled it exactly as I would hoped any of my teammates would.  They apologized for the actions and then worked together with the other teammate to find a resolution.  After a few minutes of discussion the solution was found and everyone left the conversations feeling better knowing that everything had been resolved.

There was no drama, no issues, no finger pointing, no negativity.  Very clear and direct conversation coming from a mutual respect for each other – professionally and personally.  In a nutshell, it was AWESOME!!!  My teammates found a great way to strengthen their relationship through a potentially awkward situation instead of letting it get between them.

While this type of conflict resolution happens often amongst my teams I am especially thankful for it today.  I couldn’t have scripted the conversation any better and I’m so grateful to see that this is how they interact.



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