Thankful for Divide and Conquer – Track Night Edition

Day 2,065

As my Grandma Joyce used to joke, she was pretty sure she was so busy running around from place to place that she was afraid she’d run into herself at some point. The month of May has already provided that same feeling and the month isn’t over yet!

Thank goodness Becky and I have the ability to divide and conquer. She’s currently recording Gavin’s 1600m run as I type this. While she was waiting for Gavin’s race I was recording Dominic’s 4x800m relay team. Then I’ll catch Dominic’s 400m while she waits for Gavin’s 800m. After that I’ll be on the road and possibly back in La Crosse in time for Gavin’s 4x400m relay. Nothing but track craziness tonight!

This is the last time we’ve got both boys competing at different locations at the same time during their high school and middle school careers, next year they should be on the exact same schedule. Can’t wait to be able to watch both boys at the same time next year!

That said, I’m grateful for our ability to divide and conquer during this last night of double track meets. We may not each see the events on person but we will be able to at least watch the video!


Thankful for Our Last Soccer Club Trip to Madison

Day 2,064

Today was our last trip to Madison for Gavin’s soccer club. Over the past several years we’ve made the trip to Madison and beyond for both Dominic and Gavin. The soccer club they both have been a part of want a specific level of competition and have made Madison one of the locations we travel to often. Gavin’s team was technically in the Madison Youth Soccer League and has played zero games at home so far (we have one game remaining in the season and it will be played in La Crosse). This club has been quite the commitment, but we wanted to allow the boys the opportunity to play the sport they love. This will be Gavin’s last season as next year he’ll be participating in high school track instead.

Knowing that today was our last trip to Madison was very surreal. Next fall we’ll only have high school soccer games to attend, the overwhelming majority on weeknights and approximately half (or more) played on our home field. Next winter the boys will only have high school snowboarding, there will not be any weeknight soccer practices. Next spring will involve many track meets, almost all of which will be on weeknights and within a 30 minute drive of home. No more long weekends in Madison. No more months of weekends being booked with soccer.

I’m thankful the boys both have had the opportunity to play soccer like they have for as long as they have. That said, I’m beyond excited to have more time to do other things on the weekends as a family, to have exponentially less travel time on the weekends, and to spend more quality time with the boys.

The trips to Madison have been fun, but I’m very appreciative for the opportunity to close that door and open the next.


Thankful for a Productive Saturday at Home

Day 2,063

Seems like it’s been forever since I’ve been home with no plans for an entire Saturday. It probably hasn’t been as long as it feels, but I’m thankful for it nonetheless!

An early-ish bed time last night led to being done grocery shopping by 9am. Afterwards I took advantage of the momentum and went to work on the compost pile. Thanks to a friendly neighbor we had a handful pallets to replace the old ones. Seeing as that had gone well Gavin and I bought and installed a new microwave too! We took a nice hike with Becky, went to church as a family, and ate supper together. Chill and now off to an early bed for a busy Sunday. Nonstop action, largely productive.

Having a Saturday at home to get stuff done always feels great, having a beautiful Spring day like this was even better!


Thankful for Listening to My Body and My Bed

Day 2,062

Algorithms are crazily accurate sometimes, aren’t they? Before I went to bed last night I got a notification from the app that monitors my sleep. The app’s algorithms pointed out the increase in my heart rate variability over the past week and recommended I take a day off to rest. Based on the activity of the last week it was seeing my lack of deep and meaningful rest as a precursor to potential health challenges. It thought I was overtraining, in reality I was overlifing. 😉. Knowing that was the case I shut off the notification and planned to get up early to run.

When the alarm went off this morning I sprung out of bed… and almost fell to the floor. For whatever reason my right achillies was killing me. It hurt so bad I almost tipped over. I sat on the bed and stretched it out for a while before getting back upon my feet. After thinking about it I realized I should maybe take it easy and rest it up a bit before I would run. That decision made I went back to sleep for an hour.

Throughout the work day I’ve been stretching out my right Achilles and it’s feeling tremendously better. Back in the day I would have just run through it and probably have done more damage – or heal because I was younger then 😉. Today I’m thankful for listening to both my body and my bed. They were both right!


Thankful for Getting My Butt Out of Bed

Day 2,061

I really wanted to go back to sleep this morning after my alarm went off. The temptation was very strong and I could feel the gravity of laziness pulling my fingers towards the snooze button. After an epic battle of wills I got my butt out of bed instead.

My run was amazing and I got this scenic view to start my day:

Very simple, but I’m thankful for getting my butt out of bed this morning. Had I hit the snooze my day wouldn’t have been nearly as successful.


Thankful for Finally Reading a Classic; Flow

Day 2,060

Do you have one of those books? You know, one of the ones you see referenced all the time that you always seem to remind yourself to read but you never quite get around to it. Each time you see it you pause and are about to make a note to yourself and then you get distracted and forget it until the next time you bump into it. Do you have one of those books? I do. For me, that book is Flow by Mihaly Csiksgentmihalyi.

I’m still not sure how I’ve accidentally avoided it for the last few decades. The book is right up my alley and already has me hooked, how’d I miss it?

Well, the time has finally come and I’ve already begun to devour it. My mind is already feeling with the mental comparisons to several other great books. I’m glad the time is finally here!


Thankful for Stopping to Smell the Lilacs

Day 2,059

Soooo… just when I thought I’d be getting back to longer blog posts I came across something I could not pass by for my blog. On my walk with LuLu I probably looked a little silly. There were a couple of occasions in which I went to the very edge of the road and stuck my nose in a specific type of plant to take a strong whiff of the smell of early summer…

For reals, what an incredible scent! So easy to lose my self in the moment when take a deep inhale near one of these beautiful bushes. One of my top 10 favorite smells in the world.


Thankful for Finding the “And,” a Brotherly Moment, Dominic’s Spontaneous Cleaning, & More Tour Guide Time

Day 2,058

LOL – maybe I’ll get back to the normal length blog tomorrow. Back to reality tomorrow.

There were a handful of “And” moments today, finding ways to do multiple things at once while still doing them each well. A little work, a lot of friend time, and some time with the boys. All blended together into one hell of a day!

At Gavin’s track meet there was a moment that had me smiling even bigger than after either of his wins… a moment when his brother came out to congratulate Gavin. Talk about awesome to see!

Dominic cleaned the kitchen tonight without being asked. So happy he pitched in to help like that, always appreciated!

More tour guide time today, this time on the pontoon. Always happy to have an extra reason to get on the water!


Thankful for Playing Occasional Tour Guide in La Crosse

Day 2,057

Another short one tonight, maxing out the time with friends while we have it.

My buddy Kevin had not been to La Crosse until today and I had an opportunity I always enjoy, being an occasional tour guide of the city. We hit a couple of the key locations like the overlook on Grandad Bluff. It’s always fun sharing someone’s first experience of the Mississippi River Valley.

These moments remind me to look at this majestic area through the eyes of someone who’s never seen the bluffs before.