Thankful for Meeting In Person

Day 2,144

I am so thankful for how adept we all became at communicating via Zoom and Teams during the pandemic. The ability to bridge the gap of distance with technology was so helpful in so many ways. We were able to work and get stuff done while being literally countries away from each other. So beneficial in so many ways.

Today I was reminded of the importance of interpersonal communication in a small handful of events. Each pointed out so clearly how important face to face conversation still is. In one moment in particular there was so much more understanding and relatability thanks to being in the same room. Somehow my filter gets knocked a little offkilter in the electronic world but is so quickly straightened back out when face to face.

Yes, electronic communication can be super convenient and helpful, sometimes 100% necessary. The value of being in a room together, face to face, and communicating as humans evolved to do is so much more natural and much more befittting of certain conversations.


Thankful for a Bonkers Kind of Day

Day 2,143

LOL – I really need to go back through my blogs from the past almost seven years to see how often I say how busy the day was! Pretty sure it is a higher number than I’d expect and it will only increase significantly as soccer season starts. Wowza!

Busy day from before sun up to last sun down. All good, lots going on, fulfilling, firsts, family time, laughs, hard work, and memories made. Solid day all the way through, in many ways it just felt like the word bonkers seemed to sun it all up.

Crashing into bed, closing my eyes, and back up and at it early tomorrow morning. The day shouldn’t be as bonkers as today, but then again…


Thankful for Remembering to Always Say “Yes” to Yoga

Day 2,142

This is going to be a ridiculously busy week with something planned almost every single night. I probably didn’t make the best of choice when I laid this week out. Oh well, what are you going to do, right?

When Becky asked me last night if I wanted to join her for yoga my answer was almost a snap “NO!” Why add one more thing when I’m already feeling claustrophobic? But then I remembered to breathe and say yes. I do not know the question, but if it involves stress I can almost certainly guarantee the right answer is yoga (or hiking or travel 😉)

Tonight I went to yoga and now I’m totally calm and relaxed. Taking time to breathe, to be present, and to be physically active always improves my mood.

I’m so thankful for remembering to say “yes” to yoga.


Thankful for Waking Up to a Sunrise in a Tent

Day 2,141

This morning I happened to wake up at just the right time. I rolled onto my back and slipped my sleep mask up just a tad so I could see if it was still light or dark. What I saw was amazing.

Due to the temperature we’d left all our window flaps down and had only the screens protecting us from bugs. Thanks to the lack of obstruction the first rays of sun came pouring into the tent from across the lake. The inside of our tent was lit up in a beautiful golden orange glow that was slowly moving across the tent. It was spectacular!

I just laid on my back and enjoyed the moment. While the sunbeams were very visually stimulating some of my other senses were also taking in the moment. The wind was blowing hard across the lake and I could feel the gusts blowing gently across my face. The breeze was also causing the lake to have some small waves which almost sounded like being alongside the ocean. The rhythmic sounds of water crashing on shore lulled me back to sleep.

Quite honestly, I went right back to sleep after a handful of moments. I never got up to see the sunrise itself, I was so enthralled by the lighting in the tent that I never made it that far. Regardless, that time spent in quiet appreciation for what I was experiencing was worth every bit of beauty that sunrise likely had to offer. Not only that, the missing of the sunrise itself leaves me hungry to watch the next.


Thankful for Savoring the Beauty of Clouds Over the Lake

Day 2,140

Ahh… the simple things in life. Enjoying the sunset behind the woods while floating on a lake in northern Wisconsin. The sunset was picturesque, rays of orange sun shooting out from in between the clouds.

What also caught my attention was the beauty of a series of clouds on the opposite side of the sky. Several headlines of clouds zigzagged and made for quite the sight. I paused and took time to savor them, enjoying each wonderful line and shape. How incredible that such a thing can exist in the natural world. A moment of inner peace.


Thankful for Finding Pockets of Productivity – Oil Changes and Third Row Backseats

Day 2,139

If I am prepared and watch for opportunities there are always ways to be more productive. Today that has taken on a couple of different forms.

This morning I took my car in for an oil change. I loaded up my laptop, prepped a task list, and went to town in the waiting area (which, by the way, is FANTASTIC at Dahl Toyota in Winona and greatly appreciated). I had my own little work station and crushed my list.

This evening we’re heading up north for some camping. Rather than driving like I normally do (because I’m a bit of a control freak 😉) I opted to head all the way to the back of the car. Sitting in the Uecker seats (if you’re not a Brewer fan I apologize for the laughs you’re not having) I’ve been able to knock out even more on my list.

Today has been fantastic! I’ve been focused, productive, and gotten myself set up for an excellent week next week already. Im so glad I’ve found pockets of productivity to knock it all out.


Thankful for Opportunities to Learn (aka Frustrating Driving Moments)

Day 2,138

There is always a choice to make. While I have no control over almost anything in life I can control my emotions and reactions to everything. I can choose to be frustrated and angered or I can feel grateful and blessed. The choice is always up to each of us.

Ugh… why didn’t they use their blinker? Why is this person driving 10 below the speed limit in the left lane? How could they not see me when they decided to switch lanes into the exact space I was already occupying? Don’t they have cruise control?

Yup, all of these thought flooded through my. Rain while driving today. For sure, I’m not going to win any awards for my driving prowess, but how people managed to step on almost every pet peeve in less than eight hours still blows my mind. By the third time I was beyond frustrated…

…and then I laughed. I laughed so hard I almost had tears in my eyes. I shook my head, gave a quick look up, and said “Thank you!”

Yes, these situations happened, but they didn’t have to be frustrating. They were reminders to me of why I should drive certain ways. They were reminders of all the times when I’ve done the same thing and then wondered why the other driver seemed upset. Each of these moments were opportunities to grow. To show grace and compassion. To learn to relax. To be thankful for opportunities to learn. Here I was getting angry when I really should be thanking The Bug Dude Upstairs for having the foresight to see that I had more to learn, a gap that I could work to close.

I’m thankful for each of these moments today. They were all opportunities to learn, to grow, and to remember to focus on being a better me. What a blessing!


Thankful for a Sauna Run

Day 2,137

This morning I awoke with hopes of a thunderstorm or at least some rain. The temperature looked a little gross outside and I was thinking it’d be a day when I’d rather run in the treadmill. My hope was misplaced and off we went to run in what felt like a sauna.

It was thick, gross, and altogether unpleasant. I was sweating constantly, felt like I was cooking, and each mile felt like three. It even close to ideal running weather.

That said, we finished the run. We sucked it up and dealt with the discomfort. I know I can run through sauna like weather the next time. Not ideal and I won’t be wishing for it anytime soon, it I know I can deal with it.

Starting the day with a little win like that helps remind me throughout the day that I can choose to work through discomfort in the pursuit of the right dream. Having that well to go back to today was truly therapeutic.


Thankful for an Opportunity to Share Wisdom from a Mentor

Day 2,135

I must not be either the best of listeners or the most trusting of other people. So many times in life others have done their best to impart wisdom only for me to disregard it until after I’d pounded my head flat on the wall they were hoping to help me avoid. Something about learning it firsthand just fits me so much better. Definitely not one of my more desirable attributes.

Once I’ve bloodied my nose I am quick to remember the advice given me in the past. While my head is pounding I immediately think back to the words of wisdom and wonder why I didn’t believe it or listen to it the first time around. At least I’ll usually learn from the misstep and trust the advice moving forward.

Today I was able to pass along one of the finer pieces of advice from a mentor. Way back they pushed me to dream bigger for myself and helped me start to take a peek at the future I could create. I struggled mightily with it at first but eventually I realized how much they helped me grow in that moment. Today that wisdom was passed on and it will likely be passed on a few more times over the next few days. Fingers crossed they are quicker studies than I!