Thankful for Checking Off a Proud Dad Dream

Day 2,157

With Dominic in his Senior year and Gavin in his Freshman year there’s a crazy dream I had. It was something I have zero control over and just had to cross my fingers for. They both play soccer and I was hoping they would have a few minutes in at least one game to be out on the field together. I figured if it would happen it would be late in the season for the last couple minutes of a game. LOL – I never expected this!

Thanks to all the hard work the boys put in together during the off-season, Gavin played out of his mind in the the JV game. Because of his hard work, Coach had him sit the bench for the Varsity game. Gavin got his number called with about 12 minutes to go in the first half and got to be on the field with Dominic.

Talk about a ridiculously proud dad moment! So happy for Gavin for busting his butt to earn the opportunity. So happy for Dominic for working with and coaching Gavin to help make the opportunity happen. Awesome, awesome, awesome!


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