Thankful for the Presence Found in Writing Thank You’s

Day 2,158

There was something I noticed today which really caught my attention. While writing out some thank you cards I realized just how focused I was. In some ways I was almost in a flow state as I wrote the personalized message in each.

The process was the same for each. Pause and consider the person and why I am grateful for them. Think on the impact they’ve had on me. Consider how much of a difference they made in my life. Change gears to put words to my feelings of gratitude. Write a clear and succinct message that helps them see just how much I value their positive impact. Review the message, think of the person, smile, and sign the card. Nothing crazy, a process of maybe 5-10 minutes per person at most.

During that time the only emotions I had were joy and appreciation. There was no stress, no random thoughts in other directions, no pauses to look out the window or to check my email. 100% focus on the person and their impact – 100% joy and appreciation.

The power of appreciation finds yet another way to impress me. By focusing on appreciation I was also driven into a state of presence. How beautiful is that?


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