Thankful for Making a Ripple

Day 2,163

As I get closer and closer to setting my secret free into the wild I’m getting little sneak peeks into the future. What I’m finding is that the reward is already so much greater than I ever could have imagined.

Through this experience I’ve been able to dig more deeply into what makes me tick and why – and what should make me tick and why I should push myself out of my comfort zone to pursue it. So much self reflection and looking inwardly, working on myself. As this project has recently eclipsed the five year mark this is where most of my focus has been – inward.

As it is slowly sneaking out I’m already beside myself at the ripples outward. I’ve already received a response to it which has made the entire project worthwhile. No, not a monetary response – that was never the intent. Rather, a response of increased joy. My work has brought joy to another – as a result of a very challenging time and hours of writing my pain and hurt have been transformed into joy for another. I could not hope for a better ripple to leave behind as a legacy.

At yoga tonight the sticker on the floor in front of me said “Make a Ripple.” As I witnessed the ripple at the beginning of our practice I could t help but chuckle to myself. Make a ripple? Check!


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