Thankful for Additional Benefits of Daily Blogging

Day 2,162

One of the benefits of daily blogging is something that has taken me quite some time to see. Sure, I know it is happening, but just like trying to notice the growth of a tree it is to be measured in years, not days.

By pausing to write each day I’m taking time to travel inward. Not in an egotistical way, rather a trying to figure out how my brain works kind of way. The time to stop and think really helps me focus on the gap between who is am and who I am called to be. What’s interesting is that along the way this blogging time really has really been helping me see more clarity to the other side of the gap – helping me see where I’m really trying to go. So often I focus on the gap itself and figure out how to close it, in many ways I should be focusing more on the other side, the goal. As I blog each night it seems there’s a little more clarity. I’m focusing on the things which seem most right, the ideals I’m seeing as where I should be working towards.

Blogging has significantly increased the joy in my life through the focus on gratitude. By vigilantly focusing on gratitude I seem to be shaping a better picture of who is should be growing into. What an interesting side benefit of blogging!


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