Thankful for a Day Full of Learned Wisdom

Day 2,161

Such a list of appreciation today! There have been many moments of insights, beauty, and joy – how best to distill them? After thinking on it a bit, I think there were several nuggets of wisdom to be pulled from the day to help me in the future. In order to help my future self out I’m going to blog some short notes for Future Mike to remember.

  • The journey can be as rewarding, if not more than, the destination. The scenic drive to Platteville was gorgeous! Driving through the Driftless is soothing for the soul.
  • Remember the importance of growing slowly. Fast growth is almost always the preference, best often slow and focused growth leads to the best long term success.
  • Be less quick to judge and remember that I was not so long ago in the place I am now judging.
  • Time with old friends is always worth the time and the side trip.
  • Remember my purpose, my calling, and my dreams and be less distracted by tempting diversions. The diversions are the soft sweatshirt to snuggle into in the cold, while the purpose driven activity is often the shirtlessness in the freezing cold. One may be more comfortable, but only one leads to growth and joy.
  • Giving – such a simple act, rewards exponentially greater than the gift itself. If I remember to give it is an upward spiral of joy and gratitude.
  • The nature of the rain is the same, yet it produces thorns in the swamps and flowers in the garden. The natural beauty of the hike or the burning of the nettles – which shall I choose to remember and focus on?


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