Day 854 – Thankful for the Wobbly Spots

Logrolling was cancelled due to the cold weather, but fortunately Becky saw that Root Down Yoga was still open so I was able to get an evening workout in tonight.  It was pretty wild going from -36 degree windchill to 95+ degree workout room, nothing like a 120 degree temperature change to get the body moving!

During the yoga class we spent a good chunk of time with our eyes closed to help us focus on our body awareness and focus.  As I was trying to hold a pose while balancing with my eyes closed Nick made a comment.  He reminded us that the “wobbly spots” are where we grow the most.  The rest of the class that thought kept rolling through my mind.

How true is that comment?  The wobbly spots are where we grow the most.  If I am not feeling wobbly I’m not pushing myself to grow enough.  If I am wobbly I haven’t completely failed and have a chance to be successful.  If I’m wobbly the muscles I’m working are getting stronger and will help me balance in the future.

When I relate this to other parts of life I couldn’t help but smile thinking about the several times I’ve been in wobbly spots in the past couple of days.  There’s an odd sense of peace I feel in those moments and up until now I didn’t have a good way to phrase why I feel that way…  Those are wobbly spots and I’m learning and growing.  I am not perfect in those moments, but I’m making positive progress and pushing myself closer to who I should be in those wobbly spots.  Those wobbly spots are moments I should be pushing myself towards and into on a regular basis.

screen shot 2019-01-29 at 8.42.50 pm

So tonight I’m thankful for the wobbly spots in life.  They may not be comfortable, I may not be successful in that moment, but in those moments I’ve got the opportunity to learn and grow.



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