Day 851 – Thankful for Stumbling Across an Old Box of Awesomeness On a Cold Day

While the boys were out braving the cold for a Boy Scout fundraiser at an ice fishing tournament Becky and I hit our normal cycling / yoga combo. After showering, errands and lunch we were going to play cribbage but couldn’t find the pegs. One thing led to another and we ended up cleaning up part of a closet… funny how that works, isn’t it?

After the boys got home I went to the basement to put some things away and stumbled across a tote that I hadn’t thought about for a while. A smirk went across my face as I knew what was about to happen. I pulled the tote out and quietly went to work setting it up.

What did I set up? Our old Nintendo!!! Good times in the basement here we come! I hollered for the boys to join me and we fired up a little Legend of Zelda. Since then we’ve also played a little Super Mario Bros. It’s been fun watching the boys try to figure out the archaic Nintendo controllers.

Normally we’re not a big video game family, but on a cold day like this it seems pretty appropriate. I’m so glad I stumbled across that old box of awesomeness today!


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