Day 849 – Thankful for Taking Time to Slow Down, Breathe, and Have a Moment to Myself

Today’s been a great day, but a very busy day.  Pretty much ever since I woke up I’ve been moving and grooving.  Even the time I had to myself was usually focused on handling email and prepping for client meetings.


Cue yoga…  ahh…  Sure I was in a room surrounded by thirty plus other sweaty people, but it felt like I was all alone.  I was focused on my breathing and nothing else.  So simple, so relaxing, so peaceful.  Ahh…

I love being busy, making things happen, and interacting with my family, friends, teammates, and clients.  Nights like tonight remind me of how nice it is to take a few minutes of time alone to recharge.  Those few minutes in final rest were exactly what the doctor ordered today!


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