I am so thankful for all of the little bread crumbs I’ve left for my future self in each Facebook post I write.  There are so many moments that I am reminded of that make me grin form ear to ear.  Today is yet another one of those examples.

Six years ago today Becky and I went whale watching with Chris & Bethany in Kona.  We headed out on a beautiful sunny day and saw way more than we bargained for.  The whales were unbelievable and so close.  Seeing a 20+ foot long whale shark slip right along the side of our boat just a few feet from us was mind blowing.  The entire event was awesome!  Throw in spending time with some of our closest friends and it was one of the best vacation days I’ve had.


The weather today is pretty much the exact opposite of Hawaii, but I am warmed by the memory of heading out for some whale watching.  I am so thankful for this incredible experience and am glad that I was reminded of it today.


It also comes on a great day to remind me why I put so much more value on experience than stuff.  Memories like these not only bring so much happiness, but they outlast “stuff.”  Experiences like these are ways for us to bond more closely as friends and connect with them.  They also help me dream bigger and are the dream fuel to help me find more experiences to live.


2 thoughts on “Day 847 – Thankful for Memories of Hawaii – Whale Watching

  1. i enjoy FB for this as well. Sometimes it makes me sad to see my children growing up. My kids were 7 and 4 when I joined FB and the posts and pictures started. It is a nice timeline of life. Experiences and adventure is the way to go. Such magical moments.

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