Day 846 – Thankful for Becky Creating a Memory for the Boys that Reminded Me of a Similar Moment with My Mom

Becky was super pumped up for the Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.  Not only did she make a big deal out of it for her, she got the boys pretty excited for it.  With no school the next day she and the boys stayed up and watched movies until the eclipse was in totality.   It was so awesome seeing them all get so excited about something in nature like this, I know I’m in the right family for me.  The coolest part is knowing that they made a memory with her that they will hold tight to forever.


On my drive to Menomonie early this morning I got some excellent views of the moon as I smiled and thought about last night.  My smile became bigger as I remembered something similar my mom did for my brother and I when we were kids.  There was a meteor shower so she let us stay up late and then the three of us went out to the road in front of our house.  Seeing as it’s a quiet road with no traffic at that time of night we laid on our backs in the road and just looked up at the stars.  Laying there we enjoyed the warm summer night and watched meteor after meteor streak across the sky.  To this moment it is one of my most treasured moments with my mom.

Moments like that are such a beautiful thing.  Spending time with loved ones doing something out of the ordinary and enjoying the natural world.  How could I ask for anything more?  Such a beautifully simple moment I’ll hold forever with my mom, a moment Becky created for our boys.


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