Day 756 – Thankful for a New Type of Workout Date with Becky

Special thanks to KathiJo for the idea tonight!

Tonight Becky and I went off on a different type of “workout date” than what we’re used to.  Thanks to a recommendation from Becky’s friend KathiJo we left the boys behind and headed out to try something completely outside of what we’ve done before…  a cycling class!


We headed out to Uptown Cycle for our first time and had a blast!  The was only the second class like that I’ve been to in my life, and the last one was about a decade ago.  I had no idea that riding on a bike that went absolutely nowhere could be so much fun.  The changes in pace felt great, my heart rate was absolutely pounding much of the time, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be pretty sore when I get out of bed in the morning (you know me, I’m never one to ease my way into anything!).  Long story short, I’ll definitely be doing that again in the not too distant future.

Becky and I are so fortunate to enjoy these types of crazy things together, it clearly shows me that we’ll have no shortage of things to do when we retire at some point.  Getting a great sweat on always feels good, but it feels even better when we’re going on a “workout date” together.


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