Day 754 – Thankful for Experiencing Dominic’s Leadership and a Day with Gavin

When I picked up the boys from camping this morning I got there before they’d broken camp.  This provided me the opportunity to help them take down tents and bring back a bunch of old memories, but it also let me see Dominic’s leadership skills in action.  He was helping younger scouts roll tents, fold tents, and stay on task.  It was so awesome seeing how patient he was with each of them, how supportive he was, and how he was directive in a very positive way.  I’m so proud of the strong leader he’s already becoming.

Once we got home Dominic started feeling a little under the weather and stayed in his room to sleep so it was Gavin and I all morning and afternoon.  We had a great time doing basic things around the house, he was a great help today.

Once we’d gotten most of the stuff done that we had to we headed up to the workshop where he was ready to start working on his “Kiwi Closet,” the cabinet he started a while back.  He sanded everything down while I put up another wall panel to finish the nearly completed insulation of the workshop.  Once the sanding was complete the two of us worked together to put the wood conditioner on and then his first coat of stain.  He picked up on it pretty quick and it turned out great!

Throughout the day the two of us had a lot of time together and it was great having my buddy along with for almost every ride I went on (he opted out of the grocery store run with Becky and I).  It reminded me of when Dominic was in a similar stage at about the same age and we’d spend a ton of time together.  This time with Gavin was great to create new memories and reminded me of the fun Dominic and I have also had.  Kind of an awesome daily double if you will!

To be clear, this picture wasn’t from today – way too cold for just a t-shirt…  Shorts today?  Of course!

There’s been much to be thankful for today, but seeing Dominic’s growing leadership skills in action followed up with a healthy dose of Gavin was about two of the best things I could’ve hoped for today!


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