Day 753 – Thankful for My Last Cub Scout Spook O Ree and Gavin’s First Campout with the Boy Scouts

Very bittersweet day today. It was the end of an ear that’s gone on for the past nine years or so. Each October is Spook O Ree for Cub Scouts. This annual event consists of heading out to Camp Decorah to have fun on giant inflatables, haunted hayrides, and have a great time hanging out as a father and son(s). Today was the last day of Spook O Ree for the Gavin as a Cub Scout.

The boys and I have had many great memories over the years at this event and have started several traditions like going out to eat before we head out to camp. There were so many crazy weather patterns including snow, rain, frost and wind. Regardless, we always had an awesome time together. Knowing that this chapter is now completed leaves me feeling thankful for the experience and a little sad knowing it’s over.

Keeping that in mind, one of the best things about something coming to an end is the new beginning that it results in. Tonight Gavin is out with the Boy Scouts camping. This is the first time he’s camping solo with Boy Scouts without Dad. Similar to the feelings of the end of our Spook O Ree Cub Scout days it’s very bittersweet. Gavin is growing up so fast and then seeing Dominic in a leadership role has me seeing how quickly he’s growing up as well. It’s also pretty cool seeing them together as scouts again.

Seeing Gavin grow from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts has effectively started and I’m very thankful that it will keep going like this for the next four months or so. It will give me a chance to fully grasp the transition and appreciate the growth of the boys. In the meantime I’m so thankful for all the time we’ve already had together at Spook O Rees in the past and all the adventures for us yet to come.


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