Day 752 – Thankful for How Much Easier Life Is With Clearly Defined Values

Today I’m reminded of the power of clearly defined values. Decisions are just so much easier to make when run through the filter of values. Let’s not get overzealous, it’s still brutal to take difficult action when warranted, but the decision itself is so clear.

Today’s been filled with many wonderful moments including time at Spook O Ree with my bestest buddy Gavin (the term he calls me), fun growth conversations with teammates, and little moments of appreciation like the smell of pine needles on a fire and perfectly cool sleeping weather. There were also difficult moments like having to let go, having some tough conversations, realizing mistakes I made. When I think about almost all of those moments they were shaped by little decisions based on my values.

While I haven’t lived perfectly today there’ve been so many times I’ve caught myself going back to my “values playbook” to help make a decision. In one instance in particular I was reminded of the importance of living a specific value so other eyes watching me were able so see that we live our values even through difficult decisions. In so many times throughout the day I rely on those values to guide me, and today I’m thankful for how they’d made my life easier.


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