I find it interesting to see the impact my choice of my words have on my attitude and perspective.

In thinking about my post today I first started with a thought of how tired and wore out I feel. There’s much to accomplish and more is added before the equivalent has been completed.

As I thought more deeply about it I started to be thankful for grit, the ability to persevere with passion towards a dream. That four letter word has been in my mind often. I’ve got some huge dreams to turn into reality, but there’s much work to do to get there.

After some introspection I saw that I am really great fun for the dreams I have, the visions of what my teams and I can accomplish. How awesome to have such a driving force, such an inspiring goal!

Then my view changed again and I saw it differently yet again. I saw myself on an incredible hike. There were bits of Alaska, Hawaii, New Zealand, Canada, and Montana all around me. It was all of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done all rolled into one… and every one of the most difficult as well. Each of those most difficult stretches only adding to its beauty and wonder. The greater the challenge the greater the opportunity for growth and the greater opportunity to appreciate the journey. I saw myself relentlessly hiking towards my vision.

Like all hikes I have a goal, a destination. My boots are laced up and I’ve got all the equipment I need. I know I will see incredible things on the journey, and I’m also keenly aware that I will get blisters along the way. With care those wounds will heal, the pain temporary, and my body stronger as a result. The memories of beauty and grandeur will linger forever, the remembrances of pain will fade into the aether. I am relentlessly hiking towards my vision.

In using words like “tired” I felt defeated and in need of rest.

The word “grit” reminded my to keep moving, to stay disciplined.

“Vision” and “Dream” brought on a strong sense of hope.

The last phrase has me feeling confident and strong, driven and ready to get after it. There’s no tiredness, only fire and passion. That phrase helps me refocus and energize and reminds me two other great quotes…

“Your mountain is waiting so get on your way.” ~ Dr Seuss

“He won’t give up on the stuff he does” ~ Gavin Kreiling


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