Day 750 – Thankful for Business Lessons In Family Life

In prepping for my week I realized there was a problem headed my way.  Becky was going to be out of town on Tuesday night for work and I had to be out of the house early on Wednesday morning to get to a training for my teams.  This meant I had to be in two places at once…  in the car on my way to Chippewa Falls while simultaneously making sure the boys were getting ready for school.

Fortunately for me the lightbulb went off I and I had a plan!  Taking a cue from Extreme Ownership I remembered the concept of Decentralized Command.  The boys have pretty much been training for getting themselves ready for school for the past year and change.  I walked through the possible scenarios with Gavin and he had the contingency plans down pat.

Instead of micromanaging the boys I only got them up and moving and then let them go from there.  I was a little nervous, but I knew that everything would work out…  and they would both most likely end up at school 😉


Sure enough, everything went smooth!  No issues, no problems to anything.  They proved that they’d learned another way to take care of themselves.  I’m thankful for trusting them to get ready on their own, and really, it didn’t take much trust.  They’d been preparing for it for a while and they followed through exactly as they’d done in the past. It has me realizing that they can do this more often in the future if needed as well.

I’m so glad I had that spark of insight to take a deep breath, trust the boys, and let go.


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