Day 749 – Thankful for Continued Improvement and Mom’s Coaching

This evening Dominic had a cross country meet and continued to improve.  His Grandma Mary & Grandpa Ken made the drive down for the race and he gave them a wonderful one to watch.  Of all of his races this year it was the one in which he went out of the gates the fastest, held a consistent pace throughout the middle, and finished with his usual blaze of glory.


I’m always so excited to see the boys work hard at something, learn from their experiences, and improve the next time.  This was has been even more special to watch as Dominic is taking in some great running coaching from his mom.  Seeing her help him get better at cross country has had me smiling from ear to ear.  Her relating of past experiences has had a direct positive impact on his performance.

I’ve often said that Becky is my running coach, it’s cool to see that she’s wearing the same hat for Dominic and it’s paying off big time for him.


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