Day 748 – Thankful for Awesome Parent Teacher Conferences

Tonight we had parent teacher conferences for the boys and they were awesome!!!  Each teacher shared how well they are doing in class, but more importantly, they shared how hard they are both working.

In many cases they talked about the additional challenges the boys were taking on when they finished their normal work.  It made me smile seeing that they were trying things outside their comfort zone and not just focusing on having right answers.  As we tell them often, if you’re not doing things that are difficult enough that you don’t get some questions wrong you aren’t pushing yourself enough.  Once you get them wrong you learn from them and then take on something more difficult and repeat.  We are so fortunate to have teachers for both boys who continue to help them push themselves harder like this.

IMG_7651 2

We got to hear more about what types of projects they are doing and what they are learning about in their classes.  We even got to see Gavin’s robot which was pretty awesome and reminded me of the one we made way back in the day when I was in middle school!  There was a sobering dose of reality in one of Dominic’s when we learned that we’re not too far off from registering for high school classes – yikes!!!  When did that many years fly by???

There was als a very cool surprise that may have caused a little awesome to leak out of my eyes.  Gavin shared a project he’d made that was “The Gavin K Kreiling Times.”  One of the articles was titled, “Meet My Hero” and had a cool little paragraph and pic of the two of us.  It totally made my day!

Boys, thank you so much for working as hard as you do in school.  We are so grateful that you’re learning that there are some pretty great experiences in life when we push ourselves beyond our comfort zone.  Please remember to always work hard, push hard, and go beyond your self-imposed limits…  that’s where the awesome lies…  Love you boys!!!




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