Day 747 – Thankful for Dominic’s Scouting Progress

This afternoon our Boy Scout troop had a court of honor to celebrate the successes and accomplishments of the scouts.  During the event Dominic was awarded the following merit badges: Astronomy, Fire Safety, Indian Lore, Kayaking, Music, and Swimming.  He also got his Star rank and was told that he’s only about a month away from attain Life Scout.


If I’m remembering correctly, he’s cruising towards Eagle at a rate much faster than I was.  I’m continually impressed and thankful for the strong work ethic he has in completing the homework he has for each of these awards.    Another thing that’s pretty sweet is that Dominic’s really enjoying trying out so many different things as he earns each of his merit badges.

I’m so thankful for Dominic’s progress in Scouts.  He’s busting his butt, having fun as he does, and is making serious headway towards a very big goal, earning Eagle Scout.  Keep up the great work Bud, I’m super proud of you and so glad you’re enjoying the ride while looking towards the destination as well.


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