Day 746 – Thankful for Sleepovers with Friends

Last night Gavin was willing to give up a sleepover in order to hang with his old man and brother for the night and watch movies.  We had a great time, but I also kind of felt bad that he didn’t get to hang out with his friends like he could have.  That sparked an idea…

Image 006

Tonight our house is currently being raided by a handful of kids for a sleepover.  It worked out for a few of the boys’ friends to come hang at our house for the evening.  While I’ve been hanging out in the bedroom or on the treadmill I’ve heard a constant buzz of the boys joking around, talking, and giving each other a hard time.  They’ve gone between video games and Nerf gun battles and been having fun the entire time.  Remembering some of the great lessons learned from the past I made sure we were stocked up on various Doritos, Pringles, and soda to help them power through an evening of fun.

There are many memories of sleepovers at friends’ houses that still rank as some of my favorite childhood memories.  So many evenings of playing games and having fun just hanging out.  We could’ve been playing video games, watching movies, enjoying the current sporting events, rolling dice, playing various board games or even just sitting around trying to decide what to do…  seriously, we used to have a fun pseudo ritual we’d go through when deciding what to do if we were stuck in inaction.  Still cracks me up just thinking about it!

Anyways, it’s nice to think that hopefully the boys will have a great time and maybe make a memory or two that they’ll laugh at for many years to come.  This old dude may have given the sleepover idea a green light for the boys, but it’s been funny just how many times I’ve caught myself smiling at memories as I hear them laughing or giving each other a hard time.  My best friends and I still hang out often, I’m hopeful they do the same with their friends as they continue to get older as well.


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