Thankful for Divide and Conquer – Track Night Edition

Day 2,065

As my Grandma Joyce used to joke, she was pretty sure she was so busy running around from place to place that she was afraid she’d run into herself at some point. The month of May has already provided that same feeling and the month isn’t over yet!

Thank goodness Becky and I have the ability to divide and conquer. She’s currently recording Gavin’s 1600m run as I type this. While she was waiting for Gavin’s race I was recording Dominic’s 4x800m relay team. Then I’ll catch Dominic’s 400m while she waits for Gavin’s 800m. After that I’ll be on the road and possibly back in La Crosse in time for Gavin’s 4x400m relay. Nothing but track craziness tonight!

This is the last time we’ve got both boys competing at different locations at the same time during their high school and middle school careers, next year they should be on the exact same schedule. Can’t wait to be able to watch both boys at the same time next year!

That said, I’m grateful for our ability to divide and conquer during this last night of double track meets. We may not each see the events on person but we will be able to at least watch the video!


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