Thankful for a Productive Saturday at Home

Day 2,063

Seems like it’s been forever since I’ve been home with no plans for an entire Saturday. It probably hasn’t been as long as it feels, but I’m thankful for it nonetheless!

An early-ish bed time last night led to being done grocery shopping by 9am. Afterwards I took advantage of the momentum and went to work on the compost pile. Thanks to a friendly neighbor we had a handful pallets to replace the old ones. Seeing as that had gone well Gavin and I bought and installed a new microwave too! We took a nice hike with Becky, went to church as a family, and ate supper together. Chill and now off to an early bed for a busy Sunday. Nonstop action, largely productive.

Having a Saturday at home to get stuff done always feels great, having a beautiful Spring day like this was even better!


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