Thankful for Listening to My Body and My Bed

Day 2,062

Algorithms are crazily accurate sometimes, aren’t they? Before I went to bed last night I got a notification from the app that monitors my sleep. The app’s algorithms pointed out the increase in my heart rate variability over the past week and recommended I take a day off to rest. Based on the activity of the last week it was seeing my lack of deep and meaningful rest as a precursor to potential health challenges. It thought I was overtraining, in reality I was overlifing. 😉. Knowing that was the case I shut off the notification and planned to get up early to run.

When the alarm went off this morning I sprung out of bed… and almost fell to the floor. For whatever reason my right achillies was killing me. It hurt so bad I almost tipped over. I sat on the bed and stretched it out for a while before getting back upon my feet. After thinking about it I realized I should maybe take it easy and rest it up a bit before I would run. That decision made I went back to sleep for an hour.

Throughout the work day I’ve been stretching out my right Achilles and it’s feeling tremendously better. Back in the day I would have just run through it and probably have done more damage – or heal because I was younger then 😉. Today I’m thankful for listening to both my body and my bed. They were both right!


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