Thankful for Boat Time, Water Walking, and Vacation Planning

Day 2,072

Wowza it’s been a busy one!

This morning started with a new experience, helping to walk along with Dominic’s marching band and squirting water in their mouths while we all walked. Not gonna lie, I was horrible at it and got about 60% of the water into their mouths with the remainder ending up on their faces and uniforms. That said, they seemed to have fun while marching. It was a pretty wild experience!

I just wrapped up some of the last details for our Iceland trip, it is sneaking up on us way more quickly than it should be. What I’m enjoying about it is the anticipation of the trip which is building and building. Nothing like a little vacation planning to get me smiling and happy!

We also got some excellent boat time today, always the right way to spend an afternoon when the sun is out and the temperature is getting up there. We were all quite a bit more subdued than usual as everyone in the house was showing the impact of a busy weekend. There was a ton of reading, a little napping, and the only one playing in the water was LuLu. It was a perfect chill time on the water to relax and unwind prior to the work work kicking back up tomorrow.


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