Thankful for Getting Up Close & Personal with Hummingbirds

Day 2,071

This morning I took advantage of a unique opportunity. My mother in law has a small herd of hummingbirds living in the cedar trees by her house. She’s got several feeders out to keep those buzzing birds well fed.

I figured why not take a moment to see how close to the feeders I could get in order to take a picture or two, maybe even a video. Gavin and I slowly got closer and closer while pausing to let the hummingbirds get acclimated to us. In almost no time we were within a couple of feet of the feeder.

What we encountered was AWESOME!!!

And then, as if it couldn’t get any better, we saw this…

What an amazing experience! One thing I didn’t get filmed was when two fighting hummingbirds got so close to my legs while they were sparring that I could feel the wind from their wings on my leg hair.

Talk about a moment in which I was 100% present and focused on a miracle of nature. The experience was incredible. Sharing the moment with Gavin made it even more priceless.


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