Thankful for Gavin’s Eight Grade Graduation

Day 2,073

Somehow time has flown by so quickly that we only have one non-high schooler for another two and a half days. Gavin had his eight grade graduation tonight and is excited to move on to join Dominic in high school next year.

He and a friend partnered up for a speech to the entire audience, nothing quite like knocking out his first presentation to 300+ people this early in life! Gavin also won the Heart and Soul Award, a new award created in honor of a recently deceased teacher. Throw in High Honors and he spent a solid amount of time up on stage. Super proud of all his accomplishments and all the hard work he’s put into middle school.

Next year he’s off to high school, from oldest to youngest, for another set of adventures.

Middle school life will soon be in the rearview and we can see college in the not too distant future.


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