Thankful for Long Road Days, After Supper Walks, and Learning

Day 2,074

Short one tonight, I’m exhausted!

My work day started when I left my house a little after 5am and ended a bit after 5:30pm. It was a long one and involved all together too much driving. While it was exhausting I’m still very appreciative of it. Today was a reminder of how much time I used to spend on the road and how fortunate I am to not have to do that nearly as often.

After supper as a family we went for a walk as a family. Quiet time, together, outside, and moving. Yes please!

Without going into too much detail, I’m grateful for learning. One of my passions is tapping into my natural curiosity to learn more about different things. Not only did I experience much of that today I was able to share in an interesting and enlightening learning experience with the boys. Good stuff!


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