Thankful for the Elevation of Joy Through Purpose

Day 2,075

My teams have been very focused on finding ways to keep living into our Purpose, our “Why” Statement. Our teams exist to brighten lives through fulfilling work. Conversations and actions over the past couple of months have been a wonderful movement into living better into that purpose. We’ve changed processes for our associates (the people we place in new careers) as well as for our internal teammates.

I am a fan of measurements and scoreboards. When I can “see” the results on a scoreboard I “get it” more easily and quickly. The analysis of the results over time really helps me “see” where we need to go next. This focus on brightening lives through meaningful work has been very difficult to quantify. My skin is crawling as I struggle to be okay with not seeing data. That said, I’ve got a surplus of calm and confidence.

Our focus is in the right place. We’re adding more joy to our community. The number of smiles from all involved are all the analytics I need to know we’re headed in the right direction. The stories I hear and the actions I witness of my teams taking actions focused on brightening lives gives me proof without data.

What I’m grateful for today is the elevated levels of joy through living into our purpose. I know, it kind of sounds a little hokey, but I’m telling you there’s a palpable difference as we put our attention to brightening lives through fulfilling work. Our decisions are different, the results are different, and there’s an increased level of joy. All that from focusing more on our “why,” our reason for being.

The road ahead of us is long. The more we live into purpose the harder we’re all working, but the bigger we’re smiling. I can definitely appreciate that!


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