Thankful for Awesome Acts of Kindness – Sharing the Most Precious Gift of All – Time

Day 2,184

I’m really struggling with how to write todays blog. Someone went so far above and beyond to help me out today that I’m almost at a loss for words. I’m having trouble thinking of the right way to share just how positive of an impact they made today and do not want to short change them or do a disservice to their help by putting together a half baked blog. I want to do right by them – lord knows they did incredibly right by me.

Let’s leave it at this for the night and I’ll pick it up again later in the week…. Someone gave me the most precious gift one can give, their time. She reached out without being asked, walked me through the next steps, warned me of obstacles, and cheered me on the entire way. All without ever asking anything in return. Amazing! Her legacy is so much more deeply entrenched in my soul and I’m beyond appreciative for her gift today. Priceless, truly. The advice, the help, and the inspiration to do the same for others. She created such an awesome ripple today, one which will impact many.


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