Thankful for Another Sign of Wisdom (aka I’m Getting Older)

Day 2,177

It is currently 8:45 and it’s halftime of Gavin’s soccer game in Arcadia. Thinking I should be out of here by 9:35pm. Tomorrow I’m working in Eau Claire.

In the past I’d drive home to get a night of sleep in my own bed. I’d drive 45 minutes home, lay in bed and try to sleep by 10:15, and then be back up early to drive to Eau Claire by 5:30am. I’d be exhausted all day and then do it over again tomorrow night.

I’m obviously getting wiser (aka older). Instead of doing all that I’m driving 45 minutes to Eau Claire, staying overnight in a hotel, and getting a good night of sleep. Ahh…

Here’s to finally learning, slowly but surely.


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