Thankful for Trying Something New – Minding the GAP (Growth, Appreciation, Presence)

Day 2,193


One of the biggest take-ways today was the reminder of finding the balance between extreme discipline and creativity. When someone is given space to be creative at the right times they are successful. When someone is given the directive to adhere to a very specific and focused set of directives at the right times they are successful. The key is in knowing which is right at which time.


I am thankful for people who are willing to help out fellow local community members. The support of those within our community can make such a huge difference, and I’m grateful for the reminder to do the same for others.


As I drove to work this morning the sun was still making a climb from below the horizon and leaving the sky in a beautiful palette of purples and pink. On the backwaters of the river was a little bit of fog covering some of the still water. It was amazing!


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