Thankful for Minding the GAP

Day 2,194


Today I finished an insightful book a friend recommended – The Power of Now. What struck me most was how many different books I’ve read point out the importance of presence. I’ve read many, but I’ve never tired of them or been bored. Each has shed light on a slightly different angle of the concept. Long story short, inner peace can be found in the stillness of our souls in the present moment.


There are so many levels of relationships. I feel so blessed to have touched upon so many different levels today! Partial acquaintances, new friends, life long friends and so on… so many positive interactions with people I know, respect, and love. I feel so much appreciation for all of them today.


I feel as if it is almost cheating as I drive to work each morning and try to find one beautiful moment of presence. My drive is so mind blowingly epic, especially on days like this when I’m driving in and out of clouds in between the bluffs while watching the sun rise reflecting pink, orange, and purple hues on the specters of fog rising from the Mississippi River.


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