Thankful for an Insightful Read, a Strong Culture, & Lasagna

Day 2,195


Patrick Lencioni does an outstanding job of putting leadership and self-development concepts into easy to understand “business fables.” Rather than just sharing the idea he puts it into a story to help really flesh out the bones. I’ve almost finished his latest book The 6 Types of Working Genius and have learned much. Highly recommended!!!


We had a team interview for a new potential teammate today that went exceedingly well. What really stuck out to me was how much of the time our culture was brought up by my teammates as a selling point as well as by the candidate who’d shadowed our office and already had a couple of other offers on the table. Designing and building the culture we’ve wanted has taken much time and effort, it was nice to see it paying off in this fashion today.


This morning I caught myself lost in the present moment in a way I wasn’t quite expecting. For breakfast I enjoyed the last pieces of my birthday lasagna. Yes, that is correct, I had lasagna for breakfast. Over the past couple of days I found presence in observing something beautiful with my eyes. Today I encountered presence in the sense of taste. So delicious, so grounding in that moment.


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